i should really start charging for these things... by luxoperon

i have no idea what to charge for comissions. this is not a good excuse to keep doing work for free, but i just cant figure it out, guys. what the heck would you pay for a 3d character head bust?

plz comment. i cant make decisions on my own. help meeeeee~

i should really start charging for these things...


17 October 2014 at 11:00:37 MDT

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    Since it's 3D art I would say do it like this:

    Figure out the average time to model the thing, whether it's a bust, full body or full scene.
    Figure out how long it takes to texture it all (because I know unwrapping UVs can be a pain sometimes, same with the actual painting part since it's distorted)
    Figure out the amount of detail. Cartoony, realistic, hyper-realistic. The amount of limbs, wings, tails, and other such details. It all adds polygons.
    Any rigging for posing or animation. Not sure if you have done this yet but painting weights can take a long time also.
    Skill level should come into play. Look at other 3D artists and how they price their own stuff. Figure out where you fall on the skill level continuum and price accordingly. Don't be afraid to raise your prices as you learn more and become better.

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      Yeah, there's just not that many people doing this sort of stuff on commission. Looks like I'm sailing into uncharted waters. Oh well.