I will make it all worth while. Thank you. by RottenEggCreations

As I make my walk home from work I have time to think on things. I have to be successful. I have to be for myself in creating an art channel, a book because I owe it to myself and I owe it those who have helped these past five years. The past three computers I've had, the microphone, the cameras, the hard-drives, the camera Light, my drawing tablet. These are tools that have been giving to me over the years by friends and family. Moral and even some financial support. It frustrates me wanting to be in a position where I can pay them all back for everything done for me. I haven't forgotten anyone who is responsible for me still being here. I would like nothing more then to build myself up to a point where I can pay off my loans, my debt and run a successful business. I have slipped up, I have compromised myself recently. I need to rise above that. Some people need to have the dignity of their own struggles. I must be prepared for what lies ahead to never find myself against a wall like that again. To be the one that was helping people again.

I guess this is a way through all the busy work I'm doing on top of overtime at a full time job to say Thank you all. I have not forgotten any of you, the support I have received and I long to return the favor, whatever it takes. I cannot slow down, give in to self doubt, or give up. Even now I spent as much time as I can creating this piece. Good day, I will make it all worth while. Thank you.

I will make it all worth while. Thank you.


17 October 2014 at 06:38:12 MDT

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