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Well ain't that a kick in the teeth by FurmiliarFaces

No pun intended.

Well apparently my cat, Haru needs fairly urgent dental work as her premolars are rotting and they need to be removed. Evidently, this is normal for most cats as they age. However; the only problem is that she's only 4 years old (Teeth started rotting at 3) and the vet finds this strange, normally it doesn't start happening until the cat is getting into it's Senior years. She recommended we continue to use dental dry food for cats, chunks of steak, chicken necks, chicken wings, chicken bones (raw of course) or other large things that she has to use those teeth to chew with as well as brushing her teeth in a hope to try and clean them and if they do not get better, we have no choice but to have them removed. They have done nothing but get worse over the last year or so. Which means she needs this operation... This requires a blood test to see if her kidneys (or was it liver?) can handle the anaesthetic as well as the initial anaesthetic and procedure, followed by pain killers and anything else she may need. This is going to cost us approx. $300AUD + So yay for us, now we desperately have to try and save money we don't have in order to help Haru's teeth ;3; If I am not making much sense here I can get a photo of her teeth to show you what I mean if anyone needs one.

I am by no means asking for people to donate, I can't expect you all to do that. Although, I am still offering PWYW furry pictures as well as 50% off all pet and animal portraits to assist with saving.

Well ain't that a kick in the teeth


2 January 2013 at 21:41:33 MST

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