[SURPRISE] And suddenly this place is much livlier! by INCtastic

well since FA is DDOSed (and Sofurry and Inkbunny seem to have the same problem) the only place to stay is mostly here...
Even through I find it cool that here is some more activity I find it sad that the other pages had to be shut down to get this...
Weasyl is always here, you know? Not just when everything else is DDOSed =w=
I love this site very much and find the system extremely cool, it's just sad that it lacks activity ;w;

And I would upload stuff if there would be something to upload from myself =w= propably...
but since there are mostly only commissions =w= they don't come out of my drawing hand so I can't put them in my gallery

[SURPRISE] And suddenly this place is much livlier!


15 October 2014 at 22:05:55 MDT

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    Well, at least you don't have to start all over O-o. I jsut made my page today... ugh. a lot to upload D:>

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      if I had something to upload xwx well that contest pic I drew but that's it for now... nargh...
      gotta have to draw more =w=

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    Same for me , sans commissions.