MWFF Pre-orders by Rooibos

I'm now open for Midwest FurFest pre-orders! Examples and what I'm open for are below:

Trad Drawings

  • Pen Sketch [ex] $15
  • NYOP sketch pages $5-$200
  • Duotones [ex] $20

Slots available: 15/15


  • Sticker Badges [ex] $5(Example is kind of small, but these are fully colored with a name. They are great for sticking on your con badge!)
  • Ribbon Badges [ex] $15
  • Ink Badges [ex] $20 (+$5 extra for complicated design/wings)
  • Watercolor Badges [ex] 25 (+$5 extra for complicated design/wings)
  • Bust/waist-up (varies) [ex] $35 (+$5 extra for complicated design/wings)
  • Full-body [ex] $50 (+$5 for shading added and/or +$5 extra for complicated design or wings)

Slots available: 7/10

Please note that these are ONLY for con delivery! I will not be shipping these out beforehand. I will not be accepting payments at the con. I need to be payed BEFORE I begin via Paypal.

Please read my TOS before commissioning me, then EMAIL ME at RooibosArt [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested.

MWFF Pre-orders


15 October 2014 at 13:38:45 MDT

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    love the mini badges a lot, maybe I can make it to MFF or any American con next year :)

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      Thank you! Best of luck. ;v;

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    Holy cow those ink badges are an amazing style!

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      Thanks a bunch!

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    Oh man I'd love to get a ribbon badge!! ;A; Let me know if that's okay~

    • Link

      That's totally fine! I'll add you to my list. Would you mind sending me any extra details via email? (I prefer to use email so I can contact you when the site is down!)

      • Link

        sent an email!!