Majora's Mask Icons Available by Malachyte

EDIT: I'm going to keep these icons available until every mask is complete! You may choose either method to get an icon c:

Random Drawing
$15 via Paypal invoice.
Enter your name into this form. I will assign your name to a random mask from the list of ones that are still available.

Specific Mask
$20 via Paypal invoice.
Simply send me a note/PM with your email address, a character reference, and your choice of mask.

Simple as that. An example of what the icons will look like can be found here. If you want to be wearing an outfit from the game, that is negotiable as well, as long as it's not a super complex outfit. The icons will be done with a pretty fast turnaround, and you will receive the 500x500 file as well as the icon sized file. I'll be using for the drawings, if anyone wants to know.

Majora's Mask Icons Available


12 October 2014 at 13:00:07 MDT

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