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Launched My Patreon! by Zeta-Haru

Hello people! :3

You might be thinking: Oh no, another artist that patreon is taking from us..."

But no, that's not truth. First I wanted to make sure to you all that you won't be seeing less from me than I would normally display, things are going to stay the same way as it used to be, if you never spent or want to spend a single dollar on me, never bought an art pack or a commission, then things are going to stay the same for you. :3 now let me explain how is it going to work.


You all probably already know what it is and how it works, right?
If you don't, take a look at these links before countinuing:

It's basically one of the best tools for creators, fans and supporters.

My Patreon will be used as a way to get the support from the watchers that wants to do that, and also used as a way for me to deliver those full resolution images, progress shots and not posted doodles that I would put in my art packs.

With Patreon I can work in a similar way I did with those, but with more recent updates (my goal is to be weekly), so you wouldn't have to wait 3 months or more to get the full resolution image or an artwork you really wanted in the original resolution or where curious about shrug
I know some use my progress shots and livestreams as a way of learning and I find that cool by the way. :3

Before I explain things unnecessarily, take a look at it :3

I believe this will help me a lot if things work out :3 and what I do in return for you, is compromising to update files and even say "thank you" in other ways (like in free sketchstreams I plan on doing).

There aren't many goals there, I know, It's because I don't want it to drastically change the way I work, or for -who- I work, It's supposed to be simple. ^w^ The only "side goals" I could add to the list would be getting a new computer for working with higher resolution, moving, and getting a better internet provider for uploading, but those I can do for myself, so I thought there was no need to add, just wanted to let you guys know that I want to make the best I can. :3

Keep in mind that this isn't obligatory, You don't need to support me if you don't want bro, like I said, things will still be the same, so no hate please. ;-;


  • I'll make a more public announce of it soon as a submission post.
  • I plan on making a drawing for the patreon banner, the current one is more like a placeholder x3
  • There is already 3 .zip file updates in there for "exclusive content" patrons, so you can have a reason to join now :P these are quite bigger than the ones I plan on updating later in the future, they are the files I was gathering for a third art pack (which I'll still release later, before sticking to Patreon only releases)

Thanks for your time! And thanks for all the frickin support you give! <3 mwah!

Launched My Patreon!


10 October 2014 at 22:57:51 MDT

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