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My ten-year annifursary (*gags on bad pun*) by Firehazard

It so happens I have a pretty significant anniversary coming up: I managed, somehow (it was like a year ago or more), to hunt down the forum thread in which I first posted a drawing of the character I grudgingly call my fursona, Steve Civett. (That'd be the guy in the middle here. I know, I practically never draw him ever because he's pretty much just me in animal-people form and that's boring. But he was also the first furry I ever posted on the Interwebs.) The post was dated October 22, 2004, so he'll be turning ten years old pretty soon, and I want to do something special to mark the occasion.

And boy, do I wish I had a clue what that should be.

So I figured I'd open the floor up to the peanut gallery (such as it is; I had to cross-post this on FurAffinity but maybe that'll bring more people over here) and see if you had any ideas. No idea is too crazy, although obviously I'm only going to do one picture and you'll never know why I didn't pick the others so maybe it was because some of them were too crazy as far as you know. I AM A RIDDLE WRAPPED IN A MYSTERY INSIDE A LIGHT FLAKY CRUST HEY LOOK OVER THERE

My ten-year annifursary (*gags on bad pun*)


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    Wait, your 'sona was technically younger than mine (in terms of time in existence)?

    Granted, we're talking about less than a years' difference...

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      I guess? You must have already had it before you joined Define Cynical, because I know you weren't around when I first joined.

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        That's probably it; I was much more of an unregistered lurker when I first started out...