Journal 9 : Finally getting somewhere. by LostPlatformer

I understand that I haven't been the most punctual user on this site lately, just been going through a little rough patch, and I don't mean the badly shaved beard I got, blame it on the trimmer. OUCH! Instead its more to do with my confidence and just general motivation spikes again.... Enough of the past, now onto what I've been up to.

First, I have many ideas on the go alongside the 3rd Year work I have. With many overlapping on the subject of character (Finally) and scene. Alongside the normal 2D things I'll be posting some 3D work later in the year, you know practice and what not. As for my Persona* I'll begin some sketches and Zbrush dynamesh sculpts for my mock badge and full body turnaround. Why Zbrush? Well because I can define shape and silhouettes easier, plus it looks cool.

  • I don't really call them Fursonas as they can come in many forms, Dragon, Reptiles, sharks and even Centaurs. But. I do understand it's a combination of "Furry" and "Persona", its just something I personally don't use. Whist on the subject of Furry terms, what's the deal with "Popufurs"? Surely it should be instead named "InspiriFurs" as it sounds like a goal and or achievement to reach. Enough ranting, back to the subject.

Secondly, Over the summer I've been listing various things ready for Confuzzled 2015. And "Brain", your not going to let me down this year! Exciting as this will be my first Furry convention and maybe my last. I'm free around this upcoming May but with my final year looming I don't know if I could make it back for 2016, with possible jobs and opportunity's at the end of my course. Who knows.... I could be attending a con somewhere else. Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink to Fate.

So to sum up everything, I'll be busy, very busy. So for now I'm going to now research some topics for my concept brief. I'll post more of these journals other the coming months before the storm of awe which is 2015. Bye All

Journal 9 : Finally getting somewhere.


3 October 2014 at 08:16:18 MDT

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