Input needed (tarot IA commissions by FayV

I want to make a species of tarot card animals similar to the card foxes that I have going on. This will be a flat rate buy in with 78 slots. The final product would be a designed character, flat colored and in a card motif.
I'm still deciding if I would like it to be a single species (all cats, or all dogs, or all foxes) or if I allow a few different species, or possibly even a species designed for this purpose.

So I need readers to answer the following questions

Would you be interested in a slot if I were to do this project?
How much would you pay for a flat color card character? (my intent was between 10-20)
How much would you pay for a soft shaded card character? (my intent for this was 25-40)
Would you pay more for a card representing the trump cards (major arcana)
Should multiple slot buys be allowed?

Would you want a single species? If so What?
Would you want multiple species? If so, which ones?
Would you want a new species? If so, what characteristics do you like?

Input needed (tarot IA commissions


2 October 2014 at 14:22:29 MDT

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    For these cards, could you have your own character as a tarot?