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Awesome new Thumbnails for Audio files by Swanda

No they are a really, really freakingly awesome!
This is an amazing improvement, as you're now able to not only pick them apart form the Illustrations and written works, but you can even listen to them From the thumbnail itself!
Or well.. you can with Some of the audio files. It appears that only certain upload methods will generate this awesomeness. Every other audio upload still looks exactly like any other submission.
I do however supsect this is due to it being a wrok in proggress (Mush like everything else.)
Still, much applaud from me. Weasyl have managed to make audio files just as acsesseble for those browsing, as visual art is on most other sites. This is a big plus!

Now if only you could make written works just as easy to tell from the visual art, and make thumbnails big enought to acutally display the art they represent, in a manner that flatters it. That would be grand, it would be grand enough for me to start raving about the site again.

Big applaud though! The audio crowd tends to get greatly overlooked on pretty much every other site.
They need a just as much love and care as the rest of us, and I'm glad to see them get it. Hnngh and I'm happy their art is now esier for me to enjoy <3

Awesome new Thumbnails for Audio files


1 October 2014 at 08:16:13 MDT

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