so uhm, serious question. about donations? by VCR-WOLFE

uuuuh fuck i actually feel kind of terrible asking this but like...between school, my health problems, and backlog commissions its....very very hard to keep up with everything. im getting further along with my major and work is only getting more intense and im literally drawing all the time, mostly because of school and i have to do it. between that and just generally...being in poor shape mentally as well as my chronic physical health ailments i dONT REALLY WANT TO GO INTO, it only allots me so very little time to work on the commissions i still owe, and sometimes i dont even get that time at the end of the week because i have to focus on irl stuff a lot, and i dont have the funds really to be able to pay everyone back whos waiting bc things had to be stretched thin in order to get certain things done. its slow and painful work for reals haha

with that in mind i uh,,, sorta talked to some friends about this and contemplating...opening donations? which would go towards transitional things to be honest, shit like clothes and binders and whatever the heck else hah. the biggest one on my list is that i need money in order to legally change my name. i desperately need to do this, i cannot begin to go into detail about how much i need that in my life so i can finally start, idek, becoming comfortable with myself and feeling safe. its daunting tho tbh..

so uhmm. idek i just..not sure if opening donations for that kinda stuff would be an okay thing to do? like would i be right about doing that? im not really sure. i dont want to like, be coddled. help transitioning would be fantastic but i dont want it to just be some thankless thing and i would feel guilty about getting help, fuck i already feel guilty about the help ive gotten in the past about this stuff wow haha thats something i need to work on a lot

enough of me rambling tho uhh idek i guess i just wanna bring this to attention if like..thats an okay thing to do. if its ok for me to ask for help to transition

sorry this is all long and not too happy a journal ahha i just. need to talk about it.

so uhm, serious question. about donations?


29 September 2014 at 15:24:03 MDT

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    Maybe you can set up a weekly/biweekly stream and do little sketches and stuff on there for people when or if you have time. It would save you the guilt of asking for donations and allow you to still give people pieces of art, while receiving almost immediate money.

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      i dont really...have the computer/internet connection to be able to support streams tho is the thing

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        That would put quote the damper on that...

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    tbh I don't think it's wrong to ask for donations. sometimes people just need help, regardless of whether it's with food, shelter, school, transition stuff, etc. while I personally don't have any money to donate, as I am struggling with finances myself atm, I would if I was able. I wish you luck, though. <3

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    You really shouldn't be afraid to ask for donations- I know how it feels to be apprehensive about it. You have a valid reason to; transitioning a necessity, because it's for your comfort and well-being both physically and mentally. If you get any flack then just ignore it and don't pay any mind. You need help and you're not forcing anyone to donate, you're just politely asking and people will choose to do so if they like. I don't understand how people get up in arms about it when they're not donating and others are out of their own free will...?? (I've gotten shit for this, it makes NO sense.)

    That being said I hope things get better.

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      transitioning IS* a necessity
      I am good at typing.

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    I don't think it's wrong for you to ask for donations, you're a great artist and a great person and I'm sure many people would like to help you out with something as serious and unavoidable as medical bills or transitioning. I really would donate for a cause like that if I had spare cash u-u <3

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    I wish I was brave enough to ask for help with transitional things haha so I will give you credit for being able to even say anything about it. I would happily donate seeing as I want to help out in any way I can but I simply don't have the money to. If you did open donations and if you were to feel comfortable with it I could give you a signal boost but that is all I can really offer. That and moral support but we all know that hardly goes anywhere.

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    Do you have a target amount? I don't think it's wrong to ask if you have a need. It's always good to see communities distributing resources - someone has need and someone has more than they need. Sure they could spend it on nail polish or a video game or something, but they could also choose to invest in the life of someone else. :)

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    No shame on ya for askin for donations since transition is so expensive, especially if you don't have insurance. If people give you shit it's probably because they're petty jerks who would rather that money go to them.

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    go for it! that's a super legit reason to look for some help. i've seen people asking for donations for completely absurd reasons, like buying a house without enough money to pay the holding fee, so don't think that you're in any way out of line with something this serious and important. good luck if you do!