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I'm just letting you know what I'm up to and how that will effect everything art-wise.

I'm getting dragged off by my dad this weekend and since my computer is now immovable I will not have any access to anything online nor will I have access to my art aside from scribbling stuff in my sketch book, but it probably wouldn't be commissions since I need people's ref sheets for those. I'm also going up to the cabin the weekend after that and will also have no access to computers whatsoever.

Aside from that October is only a day away now and Tes and I have only a month to get everything ready in time for Unthrocon, so I'm probably not going to be working on a lot of art (this means I am going to be slow at getting commissions done) and just working on fursuit parts as well as finishing up my Frodo half suit.

So that's that. I wish you all a good week!

General Updates


29 September 2014 at 09:27:00 MDT

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    Have fun at your sweet cabin!! Have fun and try to relax c:

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      Thanks! I'm dying to get up there again!