A Rant. by Tiido

So today my brother and mother brought me the next piece of my father's birthday present, the amplifier.
An older lady saw that and figured it goes to the apartment I lived in and she complained about the noise to my mother and brother, and apparently she was very very very upset.
She doesn't have to be upset though. I have a relatively big colored note on my door with my phone number and instructions what to do when I am disturbing anyone with my testing.

There have been no calls made.

If there were I would have immediately stopped and discussed the most suitable time I can use to do these tests. I do not do these tests very often, maybe couple days a week and only few hours at most, and only when there is to test something.

Nobody has called me. There are no missed calls or anything in the logs. I have not been called.

Do. Not. Complain. You had the power to stop it, you would not be upset if you did. I am not an unreasonable person, I know I might disturb someone and provided clear instructions to deal with the situation.

They were ignored.

I hate passive-aggressiveness...

inhales deeply

End of rant

The amp puts out 50V into 2 ohm load, it starts to clip beyond that.

50V / 2 ohm = 25A. 25A * 50V = 1250W

Holy shit...

And the amp did not die during the couple hours of testing. This figure is of course music power, not actual output power. I don't have any dummy loads to do some sinewave tests to determine actual output power for the time being, I imagine it is at least 25% lower but still, holy shit... hahahahahaha

These things here are magnificent, that's all I can say for now : https://www.weasyl.com/submission/732565/troopers

But that's a ceiling in the design, I cannot go beyond that as far as power goes. When my new scope arrives I will determine its distortion levels and work on reducing them if there's anything that actually needs to be corrected.

I am incredibly satisfied ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Unfortunately for you all, this amp saga will continue. I still have to design output protection stage, tone controls and filters. All else is pretty much done ~~~~

-Sound Cat

A Rant.


29 September 2014 at 06:44:42 MDT

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    That's annoying >:\ Glad you're not letting it stop your work, though, you have a right to your hobby and if she has a problem then she can follow your instructions

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      Most interesting thing is I would not have known about this normally... I wonder what she would have wanted to do eventually....

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        she probably would have sat around and been angry to herself some more so she should explode at someone passive-aggressively again ⌐_⌐

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    Wow, now that's either because she is not able to read anymore or that she is just being a dick about it.

    I don't like people who stir conflict until everyone abiges.

    Anyway 1250VA peak sounds enourmous for one who practially just works at a digital signal level.

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      I don't know what her thought process is... and even if you cannot read you still see there's text and you can at least ask someone else, also you can come up anytime when there's silence and knock on my door and talk it out.

      That peak is enough for you to drop the wires if you were to hold them, but only because the volts. You start to feel the power at about 40V or so, but since you conduct electricity relavively badly there won't be much current going through you but you will still feel tingle or poking sensation. Nowhere near what you'd get from putting your fingers into wall socket, now then you shake all over and it actually burns, it gets hot... Speaking from experience, and they aren't pleasant lol.

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    It really is a shame that some people will try to find ways to get pissed off, even if some light investigation proves that it isn't completely necessary.

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      I really wonder what the thought process of such people is like...

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    "An older lady saw that and figured it goes to the apartment I lived in and she complained about the noise to my mother and brother, and apparently she was very very very upset."

    Stick a note on her door to come to you next time. With a ":)" on it

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      I have actually been thinking maybe I'll do the confrontation myself. Hopefully that woman has some sense in that nugget.

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        Seems like in my experience people don't usually (like almost never) confront someone with a problem like this, if they are like, a neighbor. I think they don't want to have to live with the awkwardness or something. Maybe afraid of the awkwardness escalating or something. Because you got to live next to each other.

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          Well maybe not almost never. There seems to be an awkwardness or other-unpleasantness or anxietal or something factor going on though. It's like one of those mildly taboo things, to do.

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            You got some good points here.

            I have learned I am not the only one with problem with her. Neighbor that lives below her cannot do much noise or she gets upset...

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              wonder if she's hypersensitive

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                Probably not, or I would have heard of that shortly after I moved in some 4 years ago.