Notepad_Trip Notes Sept 28 2014 by Lone Companion

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Trip Notes Sept 28 2014

heard shamans song in my mind

went and listened

Powersync, may be the Inner Psychologist (some level of shapeshifting/identity assumption/avatar taking just occurred in vision)
That recognizes or believes to be
That the devils in the Mind of God are only Fear
It may be the force that heals Me.

May have discovered how to form a square hallway (in vision mind's eye).
the image was dim and did not lead clearly anywhere
I may be afraid to look
As the Enemy is lurking inside my mind.

Fear Hunter.

I have been trying for a while now to voice record trips using goldwave. Or snippets of singing.

There are problems, like being watched affects the expereince and the recording of it.

I saw some limitations, while on another trip (turn off your mind)

said, by the recording, [UN"]

"Need to make a livestream or something like that
seems important, better do it
new medium
yes that's the thing to be doing
set up a studio"
[This was Significant]

[UN"] is a note for myself, ignore it.

"concern of how I'm being seen
is one of the limitations
but it also pulls me out into the outer world..."

(I spoke to fast.
I am trying to learn how to copy transcripts from recordings)

...of course it is also near the end of the song.
but sometimes you can follow it in deeper
and you can see in there
deeper into the inner world..."

more talking, but less important

[Uncertain thought]
There was an awareness at the end of that trip, fading in memory
The awareness of Limitation as a thing that may be observed at the end of this song. The effects of distraction.
The Hallway in the previous trip, may be related.
Confusion, will need to test this in another trip.
To see if, as sometimes at the end of the shamans song
why I go in deeper
and others why I am seemingly being sucked back outward into normal consciousness.

Have been free associating into the recording and it is too long. Also figuring out how to edit these. I am tired. I will likely draw.

Notepad_Trip Notes Sept 28 2014

Lone Companion

28 September 2014 at 19:10:20 MDT

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