Unwanted Art Hiatus D: by whiteicepanther

I posted this a few days ago on Tumblr cause that was all I had time to do.

For anyone wondering why I haven’t posted much artwork recently, it’s because I’ve been, what feels like, slaving away for my job.

The long story short of it all, goes like this…

Boss comes in, “I have a brilliant idea!” Said idea requires the recreation of several images - very text heavy images - into a freakishly small size so they can fight on a screen without being covered by a bunch of other things that have to go on the said screen at the same time…

The person who makes said images for some unknown reason refuses to remake said images into the new size that they need to be.

I then had to remake every single one of them into the smaller size while trying my hardest to keep them readable - nearly impossible thing to do given how small they now need to be.

Two weeks go by….

Supervisor comes in, tells me the boss hates the smaller images……..

Death Glare

I am now recreating them all, again, with the absolute minimum information and if the boss complains again, I’m refusing to do this “brilliant plan of his.”

What was the plan? Show ads during “dead air” instead of beauty shots of the harness race track or the sponsors ads that are on the track’s fence wall.

On top of that I have promotional videos and those take a decent chunk of time to do. I’ve also got enough to worry about during work I don’t need this added in.(I’m the Director/Technical Director/Graphics Control/Twitter Tweeter all at the same time at work, for a live harness racing broadcast).

Ergo, no time for my own work. Let alone think about bringing on the occasional commission. :(

At least I get paid hourly.


Unwanted Art Hiatus D:


23 September 2014 at 12:33:16 MDT

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