From 1800 to...? (+updates) by JadeMerciful

So I'm still really bad at managing submissions here but... I've started going through them. I started out the day with 1.800 submissions, and I'm currently at 1345. All because I've been up and home alone since 7:20ish (Point of reference it's currently 9:32). I'm still super tired because I got like 3 hours of sleep (with a sleep aid and everything) so I'm going to try and nap at a later time, for now... I'm just trying to manage my submissions here... And perhaps I'll do some art and post it... I have a pretty random idea for a character but... I don't know how to execute it. Well, now that I've wasted 2 minutes, back to submission clearing!

Wish me luck >.<

Oh! And updates- I've been working on a comic (as in I have most of the history and setting laid out already, and am designing the characters (including background characters) and am about ready to start refining the sketches of my story boards. I was wondering if I should post it here or what... I'm not really sure. Anyway! Thanks for reading, have a good one ^w^ (now it's 9:36, hopefully today goes quickly since I'm pathetic and just waiting for Lila to get home T.T)

Edit::: Now at 10:00am and I'm down to 1,234 submissions (ah that soothes the OCD monster in my head).
:::Edit 2::: 11:19 and I'm now at 890 submissions, progress!
:::Edit3::: 12:00 and only 555 submissions left~! ^.^
::::Edit 4:::: Keeping things on the down swing, only 120 left, but since life is kicking up I'm just widdling things down and not letting them climb up again. Sorry for all the random favorites and lack of comments. I just am trying to keep things moving here ^.^' it'll probably be another 2-3 weeks before I have 0 submissions to go through.

From 1800 to...? (+updates)


20 September 2014 at 10:37:10 MDT

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    Good luck to you! super-hugs

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      return superhugs thanks sweetie, down to 1140 submissionsss~ =D but soo sleepy >.<

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        You may have to skip a few of them and get some sleep. hugs

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          So far no skipping ^.^' But I'm hoping to nap with Lila when they get home. Down to 835 submissions

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            Whooooo...nap-time is good!

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              My brother haz kidnapped me lol he was lonely XD

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                lol Family time is good, too!