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If you seriously love information... by GuzzleMuzzle


...go here:

The tl;dr version is, everything that's ever been on the internet in the past can be found on that website. Okay, that's just extreme. But that's the premise.

It's an archive with a search engine that lets you look through the internet's vast past history. You can find games, sounds, audio, videos, music, documents, software, and many other forms of data there too.


If you've ever wanted a gateway into the internet of the past, have a field day searching for things on it.


I guarantee that inquisitive geeks the-world-over would love that website to pieces. Gamers too, along with those who love to read, those who love coding, music lovers and audiophiles, older or however more mature folks just looking for some great sources of educational material on various interests of theirs, and practically...everyone. It's a website for everyone. No joke.

Life Update

Not so much a life update as just what's kept my attention lately.

I've been highly casual lately, regulating my absorption of things to a bare minimum for the sake of healthful pacing. In that regard, entertainment hasn't so much been the center of my activities except for since about two weeks ago. Since then, I've been gaming randomly and only so slightly compulsively. Minimalism has been my focus - far less being far more, unto greater fulfillment. These last two weeks have been very peaceful, sans a few moments of unnecessary drama (don't we all have it?).

Skyrim has been the epicentre of my gaming enjoyment s of late, but not so much where actually playing it i concerned. XD There's tons of great mods out there for it, and I intend to have as many of them installed and "bashed patch"ed together as my computer can handle ( with the help of "Sheson's Memory Patch". No Sheson, you can't have my firstborn... =| XD). I mean dang, playable Golden Axe characters* in save files or **Golden Axe Followers? Sign me up for that wet dream... =D <333


I felt a bit inspired earlier today. :) Was in the mood to brainstorm ideas for writing. I might just have something new to post in the future. There was a specific poem I had in mind - told from Bale's perspective ("The Angel of Sorrow", of pale blue hues and a ghastly "patterned face", like most of the angels in my story universe) in reference to Ryan (a courteous and poetic art enthusiast blue anthro wolf). It would serve to paint the relationship between them, which is very homoerotic in nature, but with Ryan being more so led by his heart than the Angel of Sorrow being so very emotionally attached to him (at least for a while, before the story's greater moments... ;) ). It's a beautiful Male X Male "sub story" of the love between a soulful wolf, and a largely impersonal harbringer of future events. Hope to post more for you all to absorb. <3

If you seriously love information...


17 September 2014 at 16:05:51 MDT

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