Stream schedule this week! by Kitsumi

Hi guys!

I would like to tentatively try a full week stream schedule this week as follows. The job hunt has been incredibly rough and unsuccessful for me, so I am devoting my time full-time to commissions and streaming until things look up. Thank you everyone for your support!

Tuesday: 11am - 6pm (break for lunch 12-12:30)
Wednesday: 1:00-9pm (6-7 dinner break)
Thursday: 1:00- 9pm (6-7 dinner break)
Friday: 11am - 6pm (break for lunch 12-12:30)
All times are Pacific Standard Time.

Stream payment info here:

I will post my stream icon when I'm up and running! :)

The earlier times are for folks on the other side of the pond, though unfortunately since I can't take paypal this makes for some issues. :/ the work around is for them to ask a friend in the states to google wallet or square cash payment to me. I will try to figure out a solution. Apologies in the meantime!

I am open for commissions! Please email me if you are interested to inquire about rates. :)

Icon theme suggestion contest ends this Friday! Get a chance at winning a free icon! :)

Rainfurrest! I will be there. D: unfortunately I didn't get art panels in time this year, so I might be setting up my originals at my table for direct sale. Please come by and say hi. :) i am open for badge pre-orders and color sketch ore-orders this week only, next week I will be preparing for my trip.



Stream schedule this week!


16 September 2014 at 12:09:03 MDT

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