aaayyyyy i actually exist by wwretched

so wow i havent been on here in months x_x

a lot of shit's happened but the gist of it is that i dropped out of school again and am now living with some friends across the country to get away from my abusive mom

its going well!!!! got a job lined up, gonna change my name once i get all settled in, and im gonna start to transition w/ my roommate B)))))

but i gues??? might come back to this account, might not
who knows

aaayyyyy i actually exist


10 September 2014 at 23:04:26 MDT

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    I was wondering what happened but I was too shy to ask >:T; Is stuff going better now that you're with friends at least? :D And are you going to actually legally change your name? I'm actually just curious about how that works legally if you are since I want to do the same x3;

    But yeah, good luck with everything :D And psst, peer pressure but you should totally come back to this account!

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    rad, as long as you're doing okay

    sorry to hear about school but it's good that you got away from her