Not Sure if I want to Keep using Weasyl's Main Site by Sammacha

So guys, not that there are a lot of you following or looking at my artwork here on weasyl but, do you think this place is worth sticking around?
I mean, I have Da, FA, FB, Tumblr, Twitter, a .com and Weasyl, and I like Weasyl... however I find that it is great for art dumping, but really thats about all.
I don't find that much interaction with comments or anything. I mean I have met only a few people here. I love them they are great friends, but thats really the only reason why I still log in. Not only that but those people are also available on FA or DA. so, I have kind of found that maintaining this account seems like a bit of a waste at the moment.
It's not because I don't post a lot of artwork here, I have 2 accounts, and I am active in the forums, however I feel it's a bit empty.
Not only empty but redundant.
I don't see the point or the need to fav and comment the same thing on the same art. I love supporting my friends and fellow artists but you know, its repetitive. This is one reason why I stopped trying to post everywhere. I think being spread out is great! But only when its to a different audience, as of now it feels stale and old. I've seen people come here and just dump tons of beautiful work! Beautiful work I have seen 4 times or more and faved in the past, already posted a comment. that means that this time I might not fav, or even look, not to mention I will not be posting the same/similar comment again. I think this is why Weasyl is the way it is.
People take the time to comment and I really appreciate that, so I leave comments as well, but doing so over and over, same art, same comment, same person, same audience, whats the point?
You know what I mean right?
All I can say is DA and FA are different in terms what can be posted, both are dump spaces for X type of art but at least they are both full of active members who don't solely dump and leave.
Tumblr and Twitter have different users as does FB, so posting on there seems less repetitive to me.
that being said I am really considering leaving weasyl or using it solely as an art dump like so many others do.
What about you? Why are you here?
do you think its worth maintaining? I might stick around solely on the forums and maybe dump art. other then that I can't say I really care about this site anymore. I love the people, but you guys are elsewhere too!

Not Sure if I want to Keep using Weasyl's Main Site


10 September 2014 at 12:01:47 MDT

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    I feel the same way you do about it. I see everybody's work on FA with a ton of comments and favs and then I come here and see the same thing, but with no comments and no favs. I think if everyone did a switch to weasyl that would be great, but everyone has been using FA so long that they just automatically go back there. It get more activity on my FA, weasyl is sort of an afterthought for me now because nothing ever happens here.

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      Nobody ever leaves a place with so many people posting great work all the time. Also FA has a purpose, if all those people came here it would just be FA with a new name and layout. I don't see the purpose of leaving it. Weasyl doesn't do me any favours at all.
      Got FA Dmitry? I would love to have you on my list there if im not going to use this anymore :)

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    Feel the same way. I love the layout of the siteand everything...but iit's dead here. A lot of the artists I watch here I see their posts on da or fa a week before I remember to log onto here.

    If people interacted more than art dumping then I feel like it would be a friendlier place. But honestly weasyl just feels like it's always on the back burner which is unfortunate because it's a really well put together website. I think i have you on da and fa so I'll be following you no matter what xD

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      Same here. The problem is Both DA and FA has a reason. Well DA did have a reason xD
      FA is aimed at furry arts, and DA at Fan arts and such with tons of cool art in the middle as well as a selling area. Weasyl is aimed at... Nothing, lol. I've said this to a few people before, because seriously whats weasyl about? It's an art site... an ART DUMP site. Its like... a really nicely put together Bin for artist to dump their work and leave.
      I'm following you on those sites for sure!

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        I agree...its just a spare bin to put your art in, which is sad. This site has so much potential. I hope that it turns into something someday xD

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    I guess it's more on the individual and how they see a site. I've never been on FA and plain out avoid it since it's pure furry (made an account there just to grab my name), and DA has never really felt like a place I belonged (even years back on my old account, never got use to it) so I'm no longer active on it. As far as Tumblr goes I very rarely post pictures and I'm thinking of just taking down my art from there and just using it for reblogging stuffies.

    However in your case it definitely does make sense given that there are quite a number of people here that say they're from FA/DA, it'd be less work having to tend to Weasyl if a majority of those people also see your work elsewhere.

    If anything, I personally find the forums of Weasyl to be it's most redeeming quality (when active, been pretty slow recently) and it'd be great to see you still around there now and then even if it's just for updating your sketchbook thead.

    Puu D; If you do leave we'll need a way to keep in contact, Sam! -hangs onto you-

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      He he, yeah I know what you mean. I myself am not really into the whole furry thing and avoided it for a really long time. Finally when DA started to go downhill for me I joined FA and shortly after Weasyl. Despite that I have joined them at the nearly the same time WEasyl has been quite empty I guess. I'm not trying to complain that my art goes un-seen but the fact that everyone goes virtually un-seen. i mean i have followed people here and on other sites, they join here, they dump all their stuff and then dont do much else. If you know what I mean I not going to put the same comments over and over and I don't need a gallery of favs that are the same as the favs on another site. The layout and all that is nice here, but there is a lack of people who want to interact. I enjoy the forums, but I don't enjoy the main site. in fact, i don't even bother to look at it. Post my art, check if i have a comment and close the window. I feel most people are doing that leaving this as a giant bin for whatever.
      People will always be where there are a lot of Active people and only leave when the site does something stupid which affects everyone or closes.
      I can also say that as a person who takes commissions, weasyl doesn't aid that at all.

      As for Tumblr, I don't really use mine either, I still think it is stupid. A visual Twitter is useless and being a place you aren't going to be active on is also useless.
      I love that there are artists here who participate in the sketchbook threads and that its not overly crowded with a bunch of non sense, but overall, there re plenty of other forums which I enjoy a lot more. And I have considered joining that flight rising site just for the forums!! (and I love dragons). It's quite sad but while I was away from weasyl for a bit I found that I hardly missed anything other then the sketchbook thread. nobody cares about me posting here because they all watch me on other sites. Overall its pointless D:

      And no worries there is always E-mail, and omg Crit night yay~!

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    I was kinda thinking the same thing. I love the site itself, and I got to meet great people like you, Moogle, Tiido, etc, but it just is a graveyard here sometimes. I keep holding on to the hope that it will get busier though and that keeps me coming back, for now.

    This reminds me, I need to friend request you on DA....

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      I forgot to mention that it is a little nice that there are fewer people here sometimes. I don't feel like I get lost in a sea of people I don't know, who don't care to know me, and only want porn.

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        Lmao, both of those things you say are true. I do appreciate that the site is not overly crowded, but its not interactive enough. if they removed all the people who dump and run this place would be great, but instead we all get lost in a sea of repeat artwork (Im talking about the people who dump their whole gallery in here and then do nothing.)

        I mean, its not like WE haven't been active, but now that I know you guys, its great that I can find you all on the more interactive sites. Which also help me promote you too. I mean, whats the point of actively roaming a graveyard? lol, I feel that commenting on your work via FA or DA will be more productive in both helping you improve your work and aiding in more people seeing it.

        I know what you mean about the porn thing, but at the same time, there are people who only care for you while you have their money and owe them art, then go away. They make no effort to know you at all, and thats ok too... I'm not asking for their money to be their friend lol. It is a lot easier to meet people here, it just seems like I've met most of the ones that actually care to comment/make friends. lol.

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      Rofl searched Antumbra there and found a Nobody named "Erik". I say nobody because its an empty profile xD
      I'll wait for the request~

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        Yea some schmuck beat me to the name lol

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          lol god damn him! inactive account name stealer!

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    I can totally understand these thoughts. I tried to comment very often but barely get comments or followers back. The main site is a little bit unsual just like the search system but well... I found you with that and I don't regret it. ;)
    Lately it's hard for me to catch up with comments because I want to spend time for that and time is something I barely have. I hope I can change this with better self management.

    The thing for me is that I was active on dA first but not so much on FA, because it feels quite uncomfortable for me. dA become a better Tumblr with a lot of drama and stock photo page with many art thefts. On both pages the support and the actions of the moderation is awful as far as I heard. Additionally I find the system on FA pretty outdated and how long are people waiting for the huge "we arrived in the modern world"-update now?

    At the moment I try to ignore this inactivity atmosphere around because I don't really see the alternative in the alternatives. However, if you are already active at FA and dA it's probably easier for you to get "back" there and set other priorities. I rarely got comments on dA and FA only from friends from the real life who followed me because they like me in person, not necessarily my artwork. So it's not a difference for me (but probably for you.)

    Long story short: I would be sad if you would dump Weasyl but of course I don't have the right to define what feels good for you. It's your decision, it always will be, and if you don't like it here anymore, follow your instinct. ;)

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      The sad part is that I really do like Weasyl, it just never really seemed to ... have a point. you know
      Like FA was for furry work and DA was originally a place for original work where a person could both buy and sell prints.
      Both created a base of users which is really quite large. despite the fact that Da has a lot A LOT of art theft... I feel it cannot be helped, its going to happen. It is the internet, its easy to steal work from amateurs. Either way it has a great user base that is still there. My DA never has been... great. I started on DA after myspace and msn spaces lol. I never had a FA until recently. i created my weasyl at the same time and began submitting my work on both almost simultaneously.
      During that time the weasyl forums were great. They weren't so busy so my comment didn't get drown in a sea of trolling. I could actually get to know people.
      On the main site... people might fav but almost never commented, I don't even really have any shouts. I did find a few great people like yourself. unless it is a person who isnt using FA or DA, or is looking for crit I find nobody really puts any effort into commenting. I find that people posting art is posting old art, or something they already posted elsewhere as this is the last site they came too.

      Comparing FA to weasyl in terms of user interaction I can say it is much MUCH higher. I joined at the same time so its not like I already had the user following it just seems more interactive in general.
      While I much prefer the feedback I receive here, most of those people who i am happy to come here and speak with are also on DA or FA. So it makes coming here not as much fun. of course I will be visiting every so often to see if anyone comments or to check on people I just don't see investing time here very beneficial. I could dump art, but thats kind of just aiding the problem that is already present.

      The weasyl admins honestly... don't seem to have a clue what they want to do with the site imo. If they ever figure that out, great, but i feel that they wont. its like a seconds site....

      It really sucks that you don't want to be a part of FA or DA but I totally understand. I came here hoping for the exp I had when Da wasnt as much of a fan art, stolen work, screen shot collection. FA I can totally see being uncomfortable...
      Weasyl is something in between. I'm not really sure what to do at the moment but I do want to be on a website where people interact. i know I have typed long comments and great critique here and never got a response, or maybe got a "thanks" months later :/

      Not to mention that because people are not interacting I don't see it helping anyone who takes commissions.