On the terms "herm" and "hermaphrodite" by InvaderPichu

I'm making this journal to let people know that, despite people whining about the use of the term "herm" and "hermaphrodite", I will continue to use these terms within my artwork when appropriate. A hermaphrodite is a creature with a functional pair of both female and male genitalia. It has never been a term for transgender people or intersex people. While some ignorant people may not know the difference, I've never gotten to two confused. I know the difference between a herm, trans person, and intersex person.

So, if you're still offended by "herm" and "hermaphrodite", I would suggest you use some sort of tagging system to block those words or just unwatch me altogether. I'm not going to be bullied into doing something because some people are oversensitive and want to impose their will on other people. I wouldn't have said anything otherwise but I noticed some artists I watch get shit from these SJWs about this.

On the terms "herm" and "hermaphrodite"


8 September 2014 at 10:11:09 MDT

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