Thinking of making this my main pixel page by NerdyMunk

For pixel-related works.
It's been almost two years, I've submitted 25+ pixel-related pieces for free for a variety of different people and characters w/barely a single comment or favorite or commission, trade or even request on FurAffinity. So how do I even know they actually care for it?
And I have almost 100 watchers on this site, and it seems they only pop around to favorite stuff of my character.
And for the sake, there is more organization over here than there.
But I'll give it a few more pixel submissions till the end of the October for anyone to notice or in my prediction "barely even touched."
I'm sorry I'm just very ticked at the FurAffinity "community" - in general barely anyone touches the general work, they sometimes comment on the general and mature work and they only favorite away all the adult stuff.
So maybe it will teach them "some sort of lesson" when my FurAffinity may become much less quieter.
It may lose watchers and some might tell me to "be more patient", but I did give them two years of adult stuff and my own pieces.
End rant. :(

Thinking of making this my main pixel page


7 September 2014 at 09:53:40 MDT

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