NEW CHARACTER - Need input/advice! by whatactuallyeven

I'm gonna post this to FA and Weasyl (more proper pics'll come soon, trust me, it's been a weird time for me lately @.@) but I'd love to hear people's input and critique on this new character I've come up with.

I was gonna upload this and then delete it later until I improve and pretty up the pic I drew of her already to show her (current, WIP) appearance along with several bullet-points to highlight what makes her character distinct personality-wise and hobby-wise...[i]but I decided to just link it here instead.[/i]

--> <--

If you want to know more info on the character besides those bullet-points (so along as its not an icky question or anything), feel free to ask in the comments and such and I'll answer right off the bat.

The reason why I wanted to guage more people's opinions on the character is because I've been deeply unsure on how to really deal with a character that was transgender themselves and yet I really wanted to create a character like this for a while...then a few days later, some new ideas and concepts came along and then I felt "Yes, finally! This feels like a great character in the works now", hence what I've created so far. But transgenderism is a touchy subject to a lot of people, especially to those who are this themselves and I want to get it right. I want to make this character a good representation of the sort of transgender person she is while making sure she has that side of her feel natural and just one more part of a whole, rather than all this character is. If that makes away! Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you~

NEW CHARACTER - Need input/advice!


6 September 2014 at 15:58:04 MDT

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