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Tableflip, but not really. by Kittrel

Job hunting is frustrating as hell. I have pretty specific needs - since I moved down here to be with my fiance, and he has a set schedule, I want my work schedule to match up with his so I can actually be with him. And it seems like that is a lot to expect, and I'm acting entitled for wanting to have that or whatever. I've found a few matches but none of them have panned out, I never even got acknowledged for existing... I'm continuing to look but I just get upset and start feeling dejected every time I look. It's my own fault in a way... I let my graphic design skills stagnate and really only have experience in cooking and pet care, neither of which have jobs with weekends off.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Aside from that, I think I should just step up the art production and try to actually market myself. I am just a waste of time and space at the moment anyway so I should do something really useful, and who knows maybe it will pan out. My interests are pretty varied though, and picking one area to target is hard. I could make tails. I could draw commissions. I could design stuff aimed specifically for tshirt sites and other art "contest" sites that will be more mass-marketed. I think option 3 is likely the smartest.

I've really put art on the back burner all of August... not good. It feels like the engine is a little rusty and hard to get started again.

Tableflip, but not really.


3 September 2014 at 14:50:41 MDT

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    Stay busy, market and network, eventually everything will click into place.