So I think I am getting a job by Sammacha

Good news guys, I think that I may be getting a job with my old company mid sept early october ish. while that doesnt mean I am not looking anymore thats some of the best news about work I have heard for a long time. At least they want me back right? lol

So that being said, I will be back on weasyl a bit more, but, i may also be online less overall. I'll still be updating and posting and OMG replying to my posts yet again!

I wont be active as of now, I have a few commissions waiting and I really want to finish them up before going back to work. I hate making people wait and I have never missed a deadline yet!

wish me luck!

So I think I am getting a job


3 September 2014 at 13:50:39 MDT

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    That's awesome !

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      Thanks Tiido, first good news in awhile :P

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    Awesome! Congrats!

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      Thanks Antumbra! :)

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    Woohoo! I'm so happy for you Sam! I guess it's a bit early to celebrate, but like you said it's definitely good news. :3 Wouldn't you have to move though if you were to go back with them? Or was that a completely different thing altogether? ;o

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      Yeah a little bit but its better news then the usual, nope... sorry... call back... and nope xD
      While this company does have the out of town job (as well as others) They just picked up some new in town jobs, so I dont have to move! HURRAY! he also said I get to choose one of the jobs I want from the list, which is awesome. So now I'm just waiting, there is always a chance that something changes but I'm pretty happy about this one.

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    Congrats Sam! :D

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      Thanks herp! :D

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    Best of luck! Some employment always offers a little peace of mind.

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      Thanks Nattles! it totally does, its not like things around this place (earth) are very free. lol