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September MonBuilder Update - DEMO (VOTE) by Master Oki Akai

It's time to put together a complete demo game. This will include complete rules for a pick-up scenario. It will include pre-made characters and play tester commentary.

What I need from you folks is a vote on the scenario you would like to see most. It only takes a second to pick one, I'll collect votes only of rthe next couple days and i'd like to have more than half a dozen this time so please VOTE.

Fantasy: Manaworld
Play as Syx looting the ruin of Rickard's Tower. Explore the dungeons in search of treasure and artifacts but watch out, this is still the lair of a dark wizard.

Modern: Z.E.D.
It's a Zom-pocalypse and the players have to survive hordes of undead and mutant monstrosities. Collect your weapons, ammo, food and supplies and defend your refuge until rescue arrives.

Sci-Fi: XENO
Cosmic beasties lurk in the shadows as you try to make it to the escape pod. You have no weapons except what you can makeshift and you never know which of your cremates may be a monster in disguise.

Other: The Black Knight (Dragon's, Dungeons, Damsels and flesh wounds), Battle Nuns (It's Hell on Earth), Wasteland Warriors (WWIII is over, but the battle for survival continues), MonBeach (Fun in the Sun)

Which would you like to play?

September MonBuilder Update - DEMO (VOTE)

Master Oki Akai

31 August 2014 at 23:32:16 MDT

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    I'd put my vote in for Manaworld.

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      And that makes 4 for Manaworld, tied with MonBeach for the lead!