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attention, tablet update - those waiting on a commission plz read by EdTheBorderCollie

got in a rare sunday night arting mood, went to turn my old tablet PC on, and it froze up, i figured its nothing unusual, it is an old POS, and the whole reason i'm doing these commissions is to get a new one. Wellll i powered it off and back on.... and nothing, the SSD died, fortunately I still had the old hard drive out of it sitting in a drawer, and got it booting again, and now its excruciatingly slow, so there will likely be no more streaming from me until i do get the new tablet PC, unless I break out the intuos 4 and stream from the mac. I already had windows 7 and SAI on the old HD, and all art was stored on google drive, so no data was lost, it's just EXTREMELY SLOW now, running on a 3600 RPM hard drive. Commission progress shouldn't be impacted too badly though.

attention, tablet update - those waiting on a commission plz read


31 August 2014 at 21:03:23 MDT

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    Wow that kinda sucks, but good you still have something running

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    oh wow sorry to here about your bad luck hun

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      eh, knew it was coming, this thing has been showing its age for a while, it got jealous of me eyeing that surface pro and got all emo on me, lol

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        (chuckle) kid bro call his car, "Emo car", as it's also on it's last legs. Best of luck on getting your tablet replaced soon.