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I'm... thinking of going back to FA. Not leaving Weasyl, just using FA again. Mostly because I had more of a following there, and other people have talked of commissions not working out so well here. Not that I've been very productive, but I think at least a small part of my lack of desire to draw was shutting myself off to a big part of my audience to begin with.

The other part that's telling me to go back, I imagine, is, well. I left because I don't like how FA is run, generally speaking. But I don't like the vast majority of DeviantART either, yet I still use it, because of the exposure. I just don't give them my money, and I have advertisements blocked.

I dunno. I'm also frustrated because I was so set on leaving, it might look bad if I go back. But it's not because I like the site. I just miss hearing from some of my fans.


(in other news, I'm gonna be gone for a week as of tomorrow, so if I don't respond to replies it's because I'm not here, lol.)

Return to FurAffinity?


28 August 2014 at 12:46:03 MDT

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    Don't ever limit yourself, especially on behalf of other peoples drama.

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    I've been having those feelings as well.

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    Personally, I wouldn't go back to FA even if you paid me too. And that's exactly what commissions and clients are, payment for going back...
    I deleted my FA account outright as soon as i bailed, and i don't plan on returning any time in the near future UNLESS Dragoneer decides to drop dead, or decides to sell the site to someone who's FAR more competent and not such an insufferable, power hungry, dilusional ass hat.

    And unfortunately, the former is far more likely to happen, than him letting FA out of his skeevy grasp for any amount of money.
    As soon as Dragoneer bought FA from Alkora, the site has gone down hill, and has been FLOODED with broken promises of improvements, shitty staff, and harassment against it's users.

    At least here on Weasyl, the administration staff hold their actions accountable (to the best of my knowledge at least), and aren't afraid to admit a fault if one crops up, and they're constantly trying to improve how the site works (They've even added an IIRC chat for the site since i last checked)... The only thing Weasyl is really lacking, is an active user/watcher base to improve artist commission rates and comment load on the work posted here, And that is simply because everyone is still so blinded and engrossed by FA and it's size/history, that they can't really compete until FA either shrivels up and fades from existence, or VASTLY improves upon itself. Which, let's face it, won't happen with Dragoneer and his current staff at the reigns (barring a few (read one or two) exceptions).

    As you can tell, i'm quite biased against the site as a whole, since i had been there since near the very beginning.... but In the end though, do what you feel you need to do. I'm watching you here at the end of the day, so it's not like i'll be missing out, unless you decide to stop posting here one day shrugs

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    It really depends on if you want to stand on principle or if you want people to see and buy your art. I left because I was upset with the heavy-handed response from admins (compounded with the accusations at the time)... But at the same time I wasn't drawing anything and I was still using my account to follow/fave artists who weren't here, so my protest was a bit irrelevant... And when I did start drawing again, I wanted people to actually see my work so I started posting on both sites. I gained 17 watchers in a week there, but only 1 here... And then another watcher unwatched me here.

    I really like this site and I hope for the best for it. It's clearly a much better site than FA (The only issue I have is not having a "select all" function in the submissions inbox.), but sadly FA has more people to see it...

    I'll just have to hope and wait until the admins make a giant fuck-up again or there's another 1 week blackout. It won't be long, I'm sure.

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    I did the exact same thing. I couldn't afford to stay here because people were lazy/self-entitled and refused to make accounts here in order to continue supporting the artists in a place where they felt safe. I went back and I hate that I had to go back, but I needed the money. At first I felt like a sell-out, and like I was going back with my tail between my legs, giving up, etc etc. But then people started explaining it as like....say you were working at a job that wasn't fantastic, but got the bills paid, and you couldn't get a steady job elsewhere. Would you leave that job just because the CEO did something you didn't agree with?

    If you can afford it (financially AND emotionally, mind you), then hell yeah, fuck them and go somewhere you can be happier. If you can't....well no one's going to give you a hard time over doing what you have to do to survive, and if they do, they can shove it up their ass c:

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    More effective than outright leaving is using your old FA account to advertise where you're doing most of your stuff. If you do stuff here that you don't do on FA, tell your FA followers about it. If you take commissions, only take them through your Weasyl account instead of on FA, and advertise that on your FA account. Advertise whatever else you want to offer here instead of FA.

    FA is so enormous and has so much momentum, there's no sense in just mirroring. Users won't want to simply fragment their browsing to multiple sites if it isn't necessary. Even if heavy hitters leave FA, it will still chug along as the poorly run behemoth without a viable business model, and no one will care about sites like Weasyl as long as FA is 1.) up and 2.) has everything they want.