It's that time again, the one where we do the fancy sign ups.

A few notes

  • Sign ups are open 7-10 days. If you are participating in the previous round, DO NOT sign up unless you have turned in for the previous round.
  • If you owe art/are blacklisted on Furaffinity do not sign up, the blacklist extends here and there!!!
  • You will receive a note when sign-ups close on who you are to draw.
  • DO NOT sign up if you will not be able to complete a badge by the deadline of ~one month.
  • Humans are allowed but please give a second option including a furry character as not everyone is comfortable with humans.
  • If you have complicated/monster characters they are also welcome but it is recommended you give a secondary character as well since this community does allow beginner, harder creatures can be a little out of their level.

Weasyl Username: Your Weasyl Username (please put YOUR USERNAME HERE, even if the badge is for someone else or a character account, this spot is for OUR RECORDS) Do not type out your username as a link or icon, just spell your name, I literally like being able to copy/paste names quickly and easily.
Character Name: Name of your character that you would like on the badge, if the badge is for someone else you may link the user here after typing out the name on the badge as a benefit to the artist.
Gender: What gender(s) your character identifies as
Species: What species your character identifies as
Reference Image: Any reference images you can provide.
Description: A brief description of your character plus anything else that isn't on the reference sheet.
Accessories: Does your character have any accessories?
Rating: The maximum rating you would like your badge to be. As a reminder, the maximum rating allowed here is R, note if someone picks a rating of R it does not mean YOU MUST draw R related work it's just the max of what they want to receive, most badges are clean and safe for work so don't feel you have to draw sexuality or gore. BADGES ARE NOT PORN! X rated material does not exist here.
Anything else?: Any other relevant information about your character? Would you like a certain theme for your badge?



24 August 2014 at 22:02:21 MDT

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    weasyl Username: coffeehound
    Character Name: Mocha
    Gender: female
    Species: klee kai/mini sheltie
    Reference Image:
    Description: everything is in ref. do not forget the piercings, please!
    Accessories: just the collar, which is optional
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: she really likes coffee and cold weather


    weasyl Name: coffeehound
    Gender: female
    Species: Maine Coon
    Reference Image:
    Description: everything is in ref. do not forget the piercings, please!
    Accessories: nothing
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: she's always sleepy looking

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    Character Name: Case
    Gender: female
    Species: Red Panda
    Reference Image:
    Description: She really likes tea
    Accessories: Glasses on please
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: name on badge Nut-Case

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    weasyl Username: MatchCense
    Character Name: Ashe Cense
    Gender: female
    Species: Arch Angeilan
    Reference Image:
    Description: everything is on the ref
    Accessories: <-- I wear this hoodie... Or you can put any time of blue hoodie on me :3
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: likes music, food, games, cats :D

    and if you do not feel comfy drawing her you can do this one!

    weasly Username: MatchCense
    Character Name: Hotel
    Gender: No Gender
    Species: Feral Feline
    Reference Image:
    Description: On the right side of the limbs there are only 3 markings and on the left side there are 4 markings. Only 3 markings on my tail. Two on one side and one close to my butt.
    Accessories: I love hats! All kinds of hats!
    Rating: Con usable
    Anything else: :D Fluffy, I am super fluffy!

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    (two references; pick whichever one you want to draw!)

    Weasyl Username: WolfMama
    Character Name: Tyrack Wolf II OR Wolf Mama
    Gender: Females
    Species: Genetically Modified Wolf OR Shapeshifter

    Reference Image:
    Wolf Mama:

    Accessories: Tyrack likes to wear scarves and hats. Wolf Mama is a cami and necklace kind of gal
    Rating: Up to PG-13
    Anything else?
    If you choose Tyrack: Tyrack's fur color and hair style is 100% customizable. Go as tame or as wild as you want!
    If you choose Wolf Mama: Being a shapeshifter, she can morph her form into any animal. Draw her as your favorite if you want!

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    Weasyl Username: thecreepingcow
    Character Name: Asenka Cherryblossom
    Gender: Female
    Species: Pandaren/Bear (Species in World of Warcraft)
    Reference Image:
    Description: Asenka is a bit shorter than some other Pandaren, standing at 5'5”. She still has the same build as many of her race, plus extra padding around the chest area. She keeps herself very well groomed, both her hair and fur having a shine to them. Her hair is kept in two buns, pardoning her bangs and the two small braids, and decorated with three fresh cherry blossoms. Her hair is a rich brown color that has milk chocolate colored highlights through out. Parts of the fur on her body is a slight shade lighter than her hair, the rest is a creamy/off white. Her eyes are a blue-ish gray in color. She usually smells of the foods she has cooked due to enjoying cooking so much, or if she hasn't really cooked anything for the day she smells of the cherry blossoms that are kept in her hair.
    Accessories: She has covers over her buns, a Monroe piercing that can be any color, and cherry blossom flowers are usually kept in her hair.
    Rating: Anything works for me. I enjoy seeing what an artist comes up with.
    Anything else?: I enjoy pinks for her clothing usually. Anything can work, but I thought I would toss that in there.

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    Weasyl Username: LarkspurDragon
    Character Name: Hunter
    Gender: None
    Species: Greater Sooty Owl
    Reference Image:
    Description: Kinda chubby, kinda nerdy anthro owl.
    Accessories: Top hat and vest are the usual accessories. Other ones are described in the reference.
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: Hunter loves tea. A tea theme would be awesome.

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    Weasyl Username: Taiaboliclaw
    Character Name: D-Claw
    Gender: Female
    Species: Feline: House Cat
    Reference Image:
    Description: Your basic toon cat...basically.
    Personality: She takes being a supervillainess very seriously...she's just not good at being evil. Kinda Kooky. Little nutty. Very Toony.
    Accessories: Claw Gloves are a necessary evil (pun intended)
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: I have/had a birthday on September 2nd and kinda need a B-Day badge if thats alright ^^

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    Weasyl Username: Kittrel
    Character Name: Kittrel
    Gender: Female
    Reference Image: and
    Description: Coyote with tan fur, lighter on neck/chest/belly, and dark brownish grayish tips to ears and tail ("summertime treat" pic has accurate colors). She has wavy orange hair and yellow eyes. She tends to be a tom boy, likes the outdoors, not afraid of getting dirty or hard work. Will be a goof in order to get smiles from friends.
    Accessories: Often wears a hat like this one: with a feather in it.
    Rating: PG13 max
    Anything else?: It's September! I love fall colors so something fall-ish would be lovely. Also I'll be going to a furry Halloween event so if you want to do an early Halloween themed badge that'd be fun too! :D If you have a better idea, run with it, I like surprises. :3

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    Weasyl Username: Darkmoon
    Character Name: Natty
    Gender: Genderfluid
    Species: Can be a spotted bat, LaPerme rex cat or dove x coyote (or mix of the three).

    Reference Image: Ref: Bat form: Cat form:
    Description: They can be drawn as a spotted bat, LaPerme cat, coyote x dove, or mix of any. Can be drawn as male or female bodied, or androgynous. Albino with cream/faint pink markings and red eyes.

    Accessories: I didn't draw clothes on their ref, but bands or occult symbols on shirts are good. They're a goth. :3
    Rating: PG-13
    Anything else?: Their hair is currently BLACK, unlike on the ref! As for theme, psychedelic-feeling stuff would be cool, think later Louis Wain art.

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    Weasyl Username: rkniner
    Character Name: Richard K Niner (may be shortened to R.K. Niner)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog (Toller)
    Reference Image: (Clean) or (NSFW)
    Description: A yellow duck-tolling retriever with brown hair and glasses (may be swapped with prescription shades depending on weather). Any exposed flesh (such as nose) is a bluish-grey. Eyes are brown if irises are visible.
    Accessories: Other than the glasses, and an occasionally visible analog watch on his left wrist, not really.
    Rating: G-R
    Anything else? See above ;)

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    Username: Rowdymonster
    Character Name: Teagen
    Gender: Male
    Species: Beagle Dog
    Reference Image:
    Description: Just a big goofy puppydog, loves balls and food. Easily excitable, stereotypical big dumb dob.
    Accessories: Red collar with golden bone shaped dog ID tag
    Rating: PG13 max please, I like being able to wear badges in public spaces
    Anything else?: Nupe, just have fun with it

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    Username: wikk fox
    Character Name: Sut
    Gender: Male
    Species: Egyptian wolf entity
    Reference Image:
    Description: description is on ref. But heres more info-
    Sut is "genderless" but can take on either gender upon his whim.
    (Male) Naughty bits link-
    (Female) always just purple reg. looking bits
    {Id like him drawn as MALE please!}
    Sut does have a fluffy mane around his neck!
    Suts tail(s)is/are the same size as his body is tall. (Shrunk down in reff.)
    Accessories: none
    Rating: feel free to do rating of anything G to R.
    Anything else?: id like something of him in Egyptian god themed. If you can id like these two staffs incorporated into the badge.

    Have fun!

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    Weasyl Username: Rabies
    Character Name: Swan
    Gender: Cis-female
    Species: Pandaren (World of Warcraft playable race)
    Reference Image:,
    Description: Miss Swan is a female pandaren priest and my main character in WoW. She is black and white with a stumpy tail, long black hair with a dyed streak and blue eyes.

    Accessories: One earring in each ear and decorative sticks in her ponytail.

    Rating: PG-13 to R. No drug use or illegal activity please.

    Anything else?: I change her outfit often in game so she really doesn't have a set outfit. I would love an artist's interpretation of her in "real world" clothing rather than the in game armor. Her hair streak is not always purple and changes colored based on her outfit.

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    Weasyl Username: King Gigabyte

    Multiple choices !

    Character Name: Razzle Dazzle (Or Just Razzle)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Tom Cat
    Reference Image:
    Description: He's a raspberry colored toony hypno kitty ! His eyes can do that hypno spin and he's very excitable.
    Accessories: None
    Rating: Pg
    Anything else?: Halloween theme please

    Character Name: Turbo
    Gender: Male
    Species: Yapok/Turbeast
    Reference Image:
    Anthro Form:
    Human form:
    Description: He's a grumpy swamp possum that does mechanic work and races around in a kart. He's light grey with a white belly, black ears with green skin and tongue. His palms are pale purple though. On his human ref his ears are no longer correct. He should have possum ears like on his anthro reference.
    Accessories: Goggles, racing jacket, wrench, ciggerate
    Rating: R
    Anything else?: He likes to smoke pot and tobacco a lot. He's a racer and can be in his motorcycle gear, Racing jacket or in a oil stained wife beater and ripped up black jeans. His human ref has the wrong ears they should be like his anthro ref with the possum ears. It doesn't matter which form you choose i'm not picky c:

    Theme: Halloween please

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    Weasyl Username: Tanginello
    Character Name: Zander
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shapeshifter (but usually he is a dogman)
    Reference Image: Whole bucket o' refs here:
    Description: A sort of grumpy and cold dude who doesn't like people much. Drinks a lot, is a vegetarian. Used to like solving puzzles and reading books but since his eyesight is mostly gone he can't do that anymore so... dude owns a lot of audio books. He is good at shapechanging but bad at other magic. His face is a little longer than a normal dog and his ears are a little bit too big for his head.
    Accessories: Often wears a scarf to cover up his scars, has a lot of silver rings. He has the tendency to wear tons and tons of clothes regardless of the weather.
    Rating: A little bit of blood is fine, don't go crazy.
    Anything else?: He not-so-secretly likes to sing a lot but he always makes sure no one is around to hear him.

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    Weasyl Username: Darkling
    Character Name: Gru
    Gender: Male
    Species: Fishermans Friend
    Reference Image:
    Description: Very friendly pinata dog/eel creature, he is filled to the brim with candy and goop. Hes usually always drooling and smiling. Any of his body can de-attach and then re-acctch, much like in the reference.
    Accessories: He can wear a collar, but I have no drawn design for it as of yet, but feel free to make one if you want to include that!
    Rating: G
    Anything else?: Drool and teeth! Main things.

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    Weasyl Username: Hanafudog
    Character Name: Sarsi
    Gender: Non-binary gender neutral (androgynous female)
    Species: Greyhound

    Reference Images: (ears like this) (not like this)


    Description: All black greyhound with small white markings. White stripe on edge of nose, medium-small diamond on throat, tip of tail, inner two toes of one foot and the outer two toes of the other. Toes aren't cannon to one specific side so don't feel upset you'll put them on the wrong paws.

    Accessories: N/A

    Rating: G

    Anything else?: If you've never drawn a sighthound before, please look them up. She is a greyhound and has a longer nose than other canines. If you can make her look more like a greyhound than like a lab, I will love you forever! PS Look up rose ears at the same time. Greyhounds have funny ears!

    As for a theme, surprise me! If you're familiar with Star Trek, Red Dwarf or Doctor Who, I'd love those as a theme! Sarsi as Rimmer from Red Dwarf would be hilaaaarious! As for Doctor Who, I love the 9th, 12th and War Doctors the best! I belong in the House of Slytherin.

    I've recently taken up indoor rowing and it would be super rad if you could make a badge around that. Running works too if that's an easier theme for you to do. Feral or anthro is a-ok! I'm learning to play the violin so something around that could be neat.

    When all else fails, the theme can be OUTER-SPACE SPACEY SPACE-TIME! Rocketships, stars, moons, constellations and whathaveyou! My favorite constellation is Orion and I am a Scorpio/Year of the Snake. ALl the creepy crawlies! Just have fun with it!

    Even a plain badge works for me if a theme is too daunting for you. I will love it equally and place it in my cherished collection of arty things :)

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    Weasyl Username: Auskie
    Character Name: Sleet
    Species: Angel dragon
    Reference Image:
    Description: SNAGGLE TEEF.
    Accessories: Not atm
    Rating: G
    Anything else?:Likes the colllddddd

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    Weasyl Username: Devil Dog
    Character Name: Barton
    Gender: Male
    Species: Grizzly Bear
    Reference Image:
    Description: A tall, late middle aged brown grizzly man. Dark brown beard and chest markings are greying with age. Loves to fish.
    Accessories: A red baseball hat with a fish patch, fishing pole
    Rating: G - PG
    Anything else?: Fishing is what he is all about!

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    Weasyl Username: Savvy-Cat
    Character Name: Rose
    Gender: Female
    Species: Goat
    Reference Image: and
    Description: Quiet, a little dim-witted, but warm-hearted and curious. Quite the homebody, but can't pass up a good adventure.
    Accessories: Both optional! A dog collar with a silver cow bell attached and a tin can full of bottlecaps.
    Rating: R (drugs, alcohol, cursing, gore, A-OK, but no boobies please!)
    Anything else?: Halloween badge would be cool, but no pressure!

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    FA Username: AngelBlancoArts
    Character Name: Rocky
    Gender: Mae
    Species: Canine/German Shepherd
    Reference Image: I don't have a ref of Rocky, but here's a German Shepherd that has markings like Rocky:
    Face Markings: (except Rocky has blue eyes)
    Body Markings:
    Description: He's the strongest dog in the world! He's pretty built but not overly muscly, and quite handsome. He's a very caring and loving person, but when freedom and his country are in trouble, he spares terror NO mercy! He wears camo cargo pants and sometimes a black muscle shirt. No shoes.
    Accessories: Sometimes wears a gold cross necklace. He's also carrying a machine gun like this:
    Rating: G to PG

    I would like something Patriotic this month.
    Let this song be your inspirational to the making of this badge. ;D

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