anyone up for a character-for-art trade by Lexorians

oh gosh i was really thinking about maybe doing some art for someone that designs characters and they could trade me a full character design ref (with all rights to it given to me) or something for it after i finish my last commission? im not the best at making characters. or at least physically designing them + giving them a basic personality. maybe i approach it the wrong way. well, regardless, i think i'm really interested in doing an art trade for a unique character design? like a commission for a design. is that a common thing?
i was thinking of some cute anthro character to be like a secondary mascot to accompany my main (my fursona bepp). Im really uncertain honestly, but i think this would be fun??

if youre pretty skilled at designing and/or making refs and youre up for it, please message me? i think i could offer decent art for it! im not the most confident but i know im okay at doing art?? i know im still pretty new to digital art but i hope that doesnt deter anyone haha... and i'm really sorry if i turn anyone down! please be pretty decent at designing! if i dont think youre quite what i want, please do not take offense! i have personal preferences just as anyone else and im in no way attacking you as an artist for it / w \

um okay now i think i should list basic ideas i have for the character? if anyone's interested?

  • i definitely want their scheme somewhat like Bepp's in regards to their tones/colors/amounts of colors! ( here is bepp! || )
  • i think i want them kind of cutesy but scary/creepy can also be a thing! maybe a cutesy-scary type thing? its up to you honestly.
  • im not really into the kawaii pastel stuff so maybe please keep those colors to a minimum as long as theyre tasteful!!
  • id prefer a less canine species! i make a lot of those and theyre getting a little stale for me!
  • a bonus feral ref would be great! but it's no hassle to me if you dont make it!

Depending on the complexity of the ref you have planned i can do a full art piece or less?? we'll talk about that if youre interested in this trade!

sorry if i threw a bunch of rules out! i just want anyone that shows interest to know what theyre signing up for ahhh

anyone up for a character-for-art trade


24 August 2014 at 15:13:22 MDT

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    Interest.... but the canine thing may be a problem. Maybe. e-e

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      Ahhh if you don't feel too comfortable/confident doing it maybe you shouldn't! Maybe in the future?? Thank you for interest tho ; v ;

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        Ahhh but I got a good idea flowing. Maybe I'll sketch something out tomorrow for ya x3

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          Ahh ok : > I hope I like ideas you have for em /)w(\ I'm really sorry if I don't??? Like I said earlier its because I'm too picky for my own good tbh.

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    I wanna try!!!

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      aw man id be honored!! I'm not really sure what else to type hmm message/pm me with any questions you have regarding designing if you do try it?

      I'm really not sure if i start doing what you request during or after i see it? Either is fine i trust your designing tbh. I'm guessing you had something in mind along the lines of aurora or cloudbutt? nothing too complex but something along those lines are fine (minus too much canine if possible!) I hope you dont mind creating a front and back view or anything like that. Basically a full ref? I'm willing to do a full piece for this though!! So whatever you think it's worth i guess / w \

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        Id say draw the request after and thank you!! I'm honored!! I'll doodle up some awesome ideas asap!

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          ahhh ; w ; cool i cant wait to see what you come up with