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Warmup Sketch Ideas (free arts?!) by Kittrel

So yeah. Throw some sketch page ideas at me!

Something basic like "draw a page of puffins" or toss a character ref my way. Or some crazy detailed idea like "I want to see a walrus playing chess with a ferret who is balancing on a unicycle".

I'm not sure what I will get to and when, but it's nice to have ideas, and if I can make someone smile by bringing their idea to life while practicing then that makes me feel happy! :D

Warmup Sketch Ideas (free arts?!)


22 August 2014 at 09:02:04 MDT

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    Wonder where you may have gotten this idea....grins...hmmmm.....water buffalo cop.

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      Heehee! X3 It is a good idea, so thanks for it! I need to draw more random stuff and get a little looser. All I do are these finished pieces and they're nice but I feel I am lacking variety and sort of stuck in one little area. It's actually giving me issues with commissions. I need to be more versatile if I'm going to be able to makes others ideas and visions happen.

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        Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery and it does work, I've been so busy drawing! :) Very true I hope you get some variations

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    Hmmm... Maybe a deer knight? :3
    Deer make everything cooler,

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    From @toasttherabbit: A mouse reading a giant book by candlelight
    From@rexxiecat: black cats!

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      A mouse reading a giant book by candlelight..with a black cat right behind him....reading over his shoulder of course! XD

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        Bwahah, I like that.