£20/$33.44 for full body digital monster/fur paints??? by Srutis

I'm unsure if anyone one is interested, because I am still learning and kinda new to it. But if you have some spare cash, and want to help out towards my funds, consider! It will be in greyscale, however if you want I can try over layering the colour you want (given by a ref).

I will be open to ink commissions when my new order arrives. I also need to nip out and buy some finer brushes firstly.

But anyway full body of monster char and fur of any kind. Drawing beasties heavily helps with concentration and are fun if wondering at the oddity of this.

So if your interested, message me either on here, note or email via srutis(@)hotmail.co.uk with the following;

A character reference
Detail on what you would like done

When your commission is confirmed, I inform you when I'm ready to start, a sketch will be sent, if all is fine and dandy, send the fee to my paypall of £20/£33.44 (same email address as above), routinely updates will follow and be posted on here to show the progress unless said otherwise. (In case you may want it private, or as a surprise)

I'm honestly unsure if anyone will be interested considering I have only works in progress up but here are some preview of pieces being worked on an off.


I estimate working on a single piece of one of these would take up to a week to finish. Mostly these haven't been finished because there wasn't a rush too, which seems to have short handed me now.


I know a lot are fans of that flight of rising, which has dragons, totes commission me to do a painting of one -go on any excuse for me to draw dragons is a good one

£20/$33.44 for full body digital monster/fur paints???


19 August 2014 at 01:06:28 MDT

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    Totally marking this for later if I have extra money left from this paycheck! I'd love to have some art from you!

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      Very glad to hear! And I hope you do x'D Cheers for the show of interest! :)