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Musicsounds ! by Tiido

They have returned :D

Something brand new after a looooong time of no music ! Still just 8 second loop but holy hell it sounds great and has a ton of potential to become something incredibly awesome !

For the curious it is my usual mix of FM + PSG + PCM done in my sound tool. I ran out of FM channels though and the brass sounds thinner than I want because of it. I will expand my tracker sometime to have many more FM channels so I can go wild :D

Whoever decides to click the link and have a listen - enjoy !

Musicsounds !


12 August 2014 at 06:14:22 MDT

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    Cool! What do you get if you mix VGM with New Order? This! :D~
    Hope to see a finished piece with these sounds.

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      I'm not actually familiar with New order, but what I am mixing here are Italians that did Italo-Disco/Eurobeat in 1989...1991 years :P
      That link will update itself every once in a while. Tomorrow I'll likely have some actual new sections ^^

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        Oh, you probably know this one. If not, now you do. :P
        Note taken, I'll be checking the link every now and then!

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          I know that one yes, not a fan. But I like their song "True Faith", at least I think it was called that.
          Go couple more years into future and things start going good :P
          Also a small update, but around percussion and minor instrument tweaks. Hard part has begun, new melodies, new progression.... Several more mintues to work out, but they'll come soon !

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            Things are building up to be awesome, I can almost hear Pete Burns starting to sing.
            The real deal will have a post of its own, right? Gotta fave. :D~

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              Oh yes, a proper posting !
              I'll even draw cover art, and possibly try to make couple alternate mixes like my Italo vinyls have :
              A1. Full version
              A2. Vocals only (I actually have some lyrics in my mind, but I am not sure my voice is suitable lol)
              B1. Instrumental
              B2 Radio edit
              B3. Bonus mix

              And then a release on black disc... that would be so awesome hahahahahaha