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alright then by DankeShane

instead of beating myself up anymore, Im going to continue here and elsewhere and try to re-establish myself for who I am beyond my previous behavior. Id like to begin by apologizing to you all for seeing me at my worst for so many months, and my only real regret is I wasted a perfectly good opportunity to make lasting friendships with fellow artists

the man you knew was not me for my potential, but myself for a lack of it, myself when i dont try, when I resort to the easiest or most shallow tactic. the only reason i have not progressed as a person is because of this, because I keep focusing on myself and obsessing about how I feel or the loss itself

ive decided to live though. Ive decided not to waste anymore of my life sitting around and believing Im incapable of doing more

I know you dont believe me, but I love you, even if the feeling isnt mutual, just for taking the time to read this

alright then


12 August 2014 at 02:55:53 MDT

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    I think you deserve to be good with yourself, and I hope it will get better in the future!
    You're a good person, I believe it

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      I love you for saying that ;w;. I just now graped how much you people care about me

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        If you keep what you wrote in this journal in mind, I am sure you will manage to do a lot of amazing things, that will make you proud of yourself ^^

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          thank you, and sorry, lol. I meant to write grasped, not graped XD

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            No problem x3 It happens

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    I'm glad you're ready to move forward with things.
    You seem like an interesting person, it was just hard to keep track of you with so many accounts.

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      Im so sorry for that. I was an idiot. I got banned, and for good reason, running my mouth and harassing everyone on mere suspicion. I didnt have my facts straight, and thought people were trying to mess with me when they werent at all.

      They were defending themselves, and some of it was just them playing around even. It's my Asperger's or something. I just have this huge blindspot going on with understanding where people are coming from sometimes

      Do you know ive sat online doing this for over a year or more? Before that i had no life, or anyone to talk to really, especially people my age. i just had my mother and sometimes my other family or a shrink

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      and thank you for taking the time to read this and commenting. Youve made me immensely happy by letting me know you care

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        It's no problem at all.

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          Im just glad I figured it out before it was too late, and seriously, it is a big deal, if not for the feelings I hurt then for dragging everyone along with me in the process.