Seeking opinions; Weasyl 'short story club' by MLR

So, FayV FayV and I have been talking, and we both want to try to get something of a 'short story club' going on Weasyl. This would be like a book club, but for people like me and her who don't have the time to read a new novel every month. Hence substitute shorter works (short stories, novellas, plays) for the books. So read the work, then discuss it somewhere as a group.

We haven't hashed out too many details on this yet, so right now this is just a roll-call to see who might be at all interested in such a thing. Any interested parties?

And if you like the idea and think you'd want to do it, please, give us some suggestions, both works to read and how such a thing might operate.

Seeking opinions; Weasyl 'short story club'


11 August 2014 at 21:27:15 MDT

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    Sounds like a good idea to me, especially with how little time a lot of people have to sit down and truly enjoy a novel.

    If you're looking for suggestions of works, George Saunders tends to have a few works. As does Denis Johnson and Kelly Link.

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      I'm familiar with George Saunders... that would be a good choice for some more modern stuff. I'll have to look into the other two. Thanks, Term.

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    That's cool! If the material is available online, or for Kindle, even better :)

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      Certainly would be, although you know how short stories are. But if I can find some anthologies that are available in that manner everyone would be happy (could always do some in magazines/journals; those tend to be extremely cheap to purchase). Thanks!

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        Don't forget about online magazines, too, where the content is available free.

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    I doubt I'd have time to take on anything else at this point, but I think it's a good idea and would be happy to signal boost. The main suggestion that comes to mind is just echoing what Huskyteer said -- choosing material that's available free online, or at the very least, commonly available in libraries. (I'm assuming it's not strictly furry-focused, although hey, that could be good too, with the Bad Dog Book Club being defunct.)

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      Furry obviously wouldn't be off the table, but since it would be a Weasyl-sponsored thing I'd much rather leave it open. I keep trying to reiterate as often as possible that Weasyl isn't furry-specific, in a vague attempt to attract a more diverse clientele to the website. But I will say, one thing I would be happy to consider would be some of the Coyotl winners/nominees, for hopefully obvious reasons.

      Anyway, if you'd want to signal boost, that would be lovely. Thanks so much.

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        I keep trying to reiterate as often as possible that Weasyl isn't furry-specific, in a vague attempt to attract a more diverse clientele to the website.

        It's a good fight, but personally I feel like that's a battle that's already been lost. I mean, animal name, animal mascot, created by (or mostly by?) furries, and with a vast majority of the userbase furry -- it's going to be seen as a de facto furry site, if nothing else. But I can see where you're coming from.

        I'll be sure to spread the word once things are in the works. :)

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          There's a decent amount anime artists/fans around from what I see.
          Then there's a few people like myself just trying to blend in.

          Give it lots of time and persistence, just throwing my 2 cents out there.

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    I'd be interested, depending on the reading materials and scheduling.
    Maybe host discussions on weekends via forums or IRC? (Anything simple & quick will do)

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      I think it's not hard to set up a specific IRC on the Weasyl server for such a thing. At this stage, though, I'm waiting to see if there's a better response should Fay or PT choose to publicize this idea, since the responses here seem more or less approving but non-committal. I'll let you know what happens, though.