What do you want to see from me? (plush!) by frostykatmonstur

Hey all! If you don't already know, I've recently started selling plush items on my Etsy store! You can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FrostykatCreations

I'm always thinking of new things I want to plush, but I also want to make things that you guys are interested.

So here's my questions to you: What would you like to see in my shop? This could be anything from another species you want available (ie: cats in the same style as my jumbo foxes), styles of plush (ie: smaller, "beanie" plushies), or something else (ie: Pokemon)!

I'm pretty much always open to suggestions, and I do plan to eventually start doing custom commissions; I just want to get some more practice in pattern drafting and general sewing techniques first.

Obviously, there's only so much time in a day and I can't use every suggestion I get, but if I see a lot of interest in a certain kind of plush or you suggest something that really gets my imagination going, there's a good chance you'll see it in the future!

What do you want to see from me? (plush!)


11 August 2014 at 16:09:58 MDT

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