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UPDATE; False Permanent Ban / Suspension on FA. by Alfy

Despite the fact that I have Dragoneer added on Skype.
And tweeted him. I've been ignored. FOR DAYS. Another one of my accounts I hopped on,
to warn and let my commissioners know how to contact me. It was Quickly banned. Just like that.

More details here.

This bs. Is making me tempted to leave the furry fandom, or not come back in a while.
Like get all the art I need to get done, and just say fuck it. And leave.
Dragoneer is a disappointment of an Admin and his Priorities as an admin, are pretty screwed up too.
I understand that he's one person, but COME ON.

The last things I said. (NOTICE, He hasn't said ANYTHING to me since Sunday [8/3/2014 3:24:07 PM]

[8/6/2014 8:29:57 PM] Alfy : Please if ANY updates or questions let me be aware. FurAffinity and being an artist there is like my job, It's a career I've wanted, just to be a stay-at-home online artist for the fandom. Every day is more days I cannot contact my commissioners, post/send commissions, ect. Please contact me ASAP. It would be much appreciated since it's been several days, and no word.

I am pretty much just done. Like I cannot handle either being harassed by twofaced people, treated like crap by commissioners, and just overall being treated unfairly without reason.
I mean I'll keep my sona, and my accounts, but as far as being a furry, or commissions in the future... just no.

Being ignored by Dragoneer, and not appealing my false ban they put on me.
May leave the furry fandom because of this ignorance. I'm being as patient, kind, and tolerant as possible.
Every day is more days I cannot contact my commissioners, post/send commissions, ect. FurAffinity, the main site I use, is like my job. A career I've wanted form the start, to be a stay-at-home artist. Now ruined because a mistake they won't seem to look into.

UPDATE; False Permanent Ban / Suspension on FA.


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    More reason I left :/ Sucks that this is happening to you.

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    I wouldn't leave an entire fandom just because one website is run by a bad admin. I know FurAffinity is where most artists do business since it has the most active users, but it really is a terribly-run website. At the same time, professional/freelance artists shouldn't limit their business to only one website (especially one as poorly-functioning as FurAffinity); that's just a bad idea. You might not get as much attention as you would on FurAffinity, but I'd suggest setting up shop on several other art sites. You shouldn't have to give up on your dream career just because of one person not doing his job properly. Anyway, I hope things work out in the end.

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    I've been trying like fuck to talk to an admin about this so that your account can be unbanned but so far no luck.

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    Every time I have submitted a trouble ticket on FA it takes 7+ months to get a response. FA's staff has no "Professional" Experience with servers, SQL, Linux, Cisco, and everyting else their site uses. Its all volunteers that are short term wing it staff that stay less than 6 months.