What is wrong with some people. by Amaterasu

What is wrong with some people.
So am I a bad guy because I don't always talk with people?

I'm Sorry but I have a very busy schedule. just because i cant talk to you does not mean i don't want to be your friend.

So someone on skype, a person I met through a user on FA messaged me saying

[1:19:49 AM] johanSPV: =v= do you think you can be friends with us
[1:21:24 AM] johanSPV: : I

What type of question is that? really. He started saying how I had my skype always set to do not disturb and how sometimes i wonder off in a conversation. apparently saying how difficult it was to talk to me in english(?) but he really wanted to speak to me in english. telling me how i was making it hard to be friends with me because of this. Then he starts to get on me when I say I'm doing commissions as a job. he tries to say just "rely on your friends"

What? What?? Im sorry but no. what really gets to me is this

[2:08:46 AM] johanSPV: A grown woman with financial problems?
[2:09:11 AM] johanSPV: That is a first

Really dude? Do you live on this planet? I'm sorry that im not totally well off like every other person on that lives on this planet right? At this point i get extremely annoyed and just tell him im done. i can't be friends with you and you know how to run a potential friend away in which he has to turn into a 5 year old and start doing this

[2:10:31 AM] johanSPV: by doing exactly what i am doing
[2:10:47 AM] johanSPV:XD
[2:11:07 AM] johanSPV: faggot

Seriously. all of this because I'm not always available to talk? Grow up please. I love you guys and sometimes i don't get to talk with everyone, especially when my mind wonders off. most people find it easy to start a conversation with me and not the other way around but please, learn from this guys ignorance and dont act like a child about something so trivial :/

What is wrong with some people.


7 August 2014 at 11:49:39 MDT

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    Don't let it get to you to much goober. Some people will always be assholes when they don't get things their way. People aren't always as willing as they should be to look at things from another person's perspective. I'm sure you have plenty of friends so no worries.

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    i have 2 jobs and im not doing too well.... fuck them

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    EVERYONE has financial issues. This guy is a fucking tool if he thinks otherwise. :|

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    I think you summed it up yourself. 5-year old in a mans body.