anarchy!....i give em discount anyway by MinouGrimm

so two men, in full army uniforms, came into my work this morning to get some food.

the girl next to me took they're order and i reminded her to give them the discount.

she didn't do it, so before she took they're money i put the discount on.

she told me no we don't do that, i said yes we do, they deserve a discount go ask the manager.

so she does then the manager comes over and starts bitching me out for giving them the discount (in front of them) saying its corporate policy not to give them a discount.

so i was like whatever, they left and i made sure they got the discount anyway.

they came up to me later and said, you really didn't have to get in trouble for us, but we do appreciate it.

i told them, no it's not ok for them to do that, you served our country the least we can do is give you a dollar or two off your meal.

i thanked them for their service and brooded about how pissed i was for the rest of the day.

they continued to yell at me so eventually i told them, hey would you like to tell my mom that we don't do military discounts?

they looked at me like wtf you talking about, so i said my mom served in the armed forces for 10 years.

i was born on an army base.

so forgive me for being adament and respectful towards those who serve....fucking bitches...

anarchy!....i give em discount anyway


18 December 2012 at 00:55:57 MST

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