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My Lineart style by Idun J. Fox

I might start going back to doing some anti-aliased lines like I used to, for some images at least. I greatly enjoy working with these smaller aliased lines, and I'll continue to use them for alot of doodles, but some of the image ideas I have don't translate well to it unless I do it as a sprite, and then things get complicated there with what I want, so just a heads up to peoples about that, 'cause it's important or something, I dunno.

It's also because I enjoy cel shaded stuff, and while what I'm doing is working quite well, they do not offer the softness or a cel shaded style. So that's another big reason, but anyway, Attack on Titan is the absolute worst fucking anime in existence, and I may just make a short voiced journal about how much I hate that piece of shit and what the fuck is wrong with everything about it.

Whoa no. Thanks for reading if you did.

My Lineart style

Idun J. Fox

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    Attack on what now?

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      The worst anime is existence. It managed to be somehow infinitely worse than .Hack//Roots.

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        That's pretty bad.