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MOA Stream this Week by Master Oki Akai

Back to regular daily streaming this week but with a couple changes. Going to switch times from 9-5 to noon-8. Also going to try to take full commissions instead of just sketches.

And since people are equal parts:
"post an alert every day so i don't have to remember when your streaming"
"post every day to increase chance of bringing in new people for a couple minutes until they bail without saying anything"
"Don't post an alert every day cuz it guarantees i won't view your stream"
"I know you're streaming but i'll never watch you cuz I have stream of my own to do"

  • and i get the same handful of folks showing up, I'm just going to post this one alert at the beginning of the week with the goals and changes for the week.

  • Big Projects -
    Monster Builder, Manaworld stickies

MOA Stream this Week

Master Oki Akai

4 August 2014 at 10:18:15 MDT

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