something.. by Sirath

am I worth anything to any1? o3o
cause I feel like that im not.. >W>
especially not having a mate.. I just feel like that I would fail said person if they dated me because of the way I am...
All I am is a blue draggy who is always there for his friends and family and those who is upset/feeling down.
I always try and keep people happy.. and those who i love most, I try and get what they want as a gift or a birthday gift and what not.
and Thats all I feel like, just someone who looks out for other people and care for them and nothing more...
but with that, I dun think that will help in life with anything.. yes its nice to be like that but honestly, in the long run , i dunt think it will help with anything...
I see many talented people with gifts and such, then I look at my self... I get that those that are talented with what they do, I know that they practiced to get where they are now, but still, I just.. feel like I wont get any where to be as talented as anybody else no matter how hard I try.. all I can do is try.. I try my hardest and bestest, and sometimes thats not good for anyone.. they always say for me to try harder when clearly I cant do any more than what im capible of..
I Just think.. because of who i am.. i wont be good for anyone.. yeah i am a nice guy and all but yeah...
sighs I dont know.. all I ever do and been doing is go with the flow.. and let what ever happens happen... some may call that as being laidback... well.. maby i am... I like simple things.. I just.. dont even know anymore...
I know I do have a loving Gf whome I love greatly and I would do anything to keep her and I would get her anything she desires and such o3o but yeah.. I dunnoo

im just a derped draggy who reckons has no talents or gifts or anything... I understand that life is hard, no1 said it was easy. sooo my main thing here is that all I feel like is that im just a nice, loving and caring draggy who is also silly,weird and derpy and nothing more...
~hides in my wings and jumps into a box~



3 August 2014 at 23:19:08 MDT

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