I keep gettin bored with Weasyl. by VinVulpis

I know I keep vanishing from here, but I honestly just keep gettin bored with this site.

I really wanna post here more, but most of the time when I post here, my posts don't seem to get a whole lotta anything.

I manage to get more outta DA than here, but that's thanks to group posting, but I can't post everything I do there.

But even with Inkbunny, my material will somewhat consistently get views and other sorts of stats there. It's slow here, so I get board with posting.

I still post mainly to FA, and that mostly because that's how I get most of my traffic and all of my commissions.

I'll try and post here a bit more, but guh... so many sites to keep track of. x_x

I post regularly to twitter, if that interests anyone who might see this journal.


But yeah. I'll see about posting here more if anyone really wants me too. I donno. x.x

I keep gettin bored with Weasyl.


2 August 2014 at 04:57:52 MDT

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    Rather than considering it a place to get bored with, I'd consider it a dumping grounds. When ever I cross-post, even when it doesn't get much love: at least I can still grab fans from around the net. Honestly though, furry sites are a dime a dozen any more. Finding the popular ones is hard. Most of us started out on FA, and then branched out as more things became available. However for me, I started back on FurNation, before FurAffinity stole the popularity. Either way, rather than regretting the decision of coming here, you can still relax in the solace of knowing that, you can still get some fans. I wouldn't put too much stock into how many people see it or not. There's always someone willing to appreciate it.

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      I don't so much "regret" coming here. I just find myself gettin bored with the slowness when I post. And with posting to a few other places, I find it easy to get lazy with places when my work is slow.

      Will just have to see I suppose. D: Thanks for the input though.

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    I trek over to FA every couple of weeks to check on your stuff, and that of a couple other friends. I'm likely not the only one, so no worries! I say that you should do what you want, and what feels most comfortable. You aren't obligated to post anywhere you don't want to!

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      I know, I see ya pop up over on my favs here and there, and thanks for that! I honestly wanna post here more, but my posts are so quiet, so I get bored. I most a lot to twitter now too... I just keep bouncing between here, IB, SF and I can't really get myself to stick to a solid secondary.

      As much as I dun like some of IB's crowd, my work gets daily stats there, even if still way smaller than my FA posts, but at least it's more consistent. It's also just hard to rebuild a watcher-base too, or at least to stay interested in doing so. x.x

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        Yeah, I can totally dig it, honestly. @~@ I had a large fanbase on FA, and almost all of that is gone now, here. I don't like the hoops we (musicians) have to jump through on FA (among a litany of other grievances which I won't air,) though, so I'm fine with sharing my stuff with a smaller crowd. I gave up on rebuilding, myself. I get more hits on soundcloud than I ever will on any furry site, but since I have lots of furry friends still, and cross-posting to Weasyl is easy... here I am.

        That said, as an artist and a musician, that gives you a -ton- of sites to try out for secondaries. I'll be fine with it if it does end up being IB or SF, or somethin'. I can always hop over to FA to see how you're doing and favorite your stuff! :D ...I just won't ever post anything there ever again. X.x;

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    I abandoned FA back in January and don't intend going back.

    PS you meant "bored"