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looking for characters for practice by Sshorty

Okay, so I am asking for you all, if you like, to share either your favourite OC, or your fursona, with me. This is so I can get some digital practice done. I'm bored of drawingm my fursona for now, and would like a change, so no matter the species, please share!

We can do this in the form of an art trade, or you can make a voluntary donation if you like the results, or you could simply allow me to draw your character as a gift, and post in my gallery with design credit to yourself.

looking for characters for practice


1 August 2014 at 04:47:32 MDT

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    That hear nice.
    I can not draw then can i not make a trade.
    But Some Donation to send can i make. :)
    I Must later post my 4 fursona that i have. :)

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    I would love to do a trade if you think that my art is worthy of something from you. :3 (I'll be uploading some here in a bit. ^^)

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      I am always up for a trade :)

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    Hello, I'm no artist but I'll leave Arya here for your consideration in the off chance she stirs up your creative feels~

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      What a beautiful character! I'llbe sure to get to her!

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        Oh wow x3 Wonderful, thank you <3

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    This will be my OC face for an account I have on facebook that I keep seperate from my real name. (The reason being some of my practices are frowned upon by the majority, so I keep that on it's own profile to keep people from judging me by it). I know I'm a new follower and saw this a little late, but if you don't mind I'd love to have some clothes designed for her.. Something cute and witchy (i prefer the small pointy hats that doesn't cover the entire head).

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      On a P.S. note.. I'd offer a trade but unable to access my program I use at the moment. If you'd like one and you like what I can do then when I'm able to we can talk together about me making something for you.

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    I'd offer a trade but it would need to be done traditionally, if that's okay. Haven't got my tablet at the moment.

    If you want to do either of these characters that'd be great!
    Ayla the caracal (ref, 2, 3)
    Kaigan the dingo (older ref, 2, 3)