My Brain Hurts by ValiLullaby

Ugh... I have a really bad headache right now. Why? Because for the past four months, I've been doing nothing but crunching numbers for college. I'm most-likely going to be attending a community college my first year in Maine just to get the basic credits out of the way, leaving more classes open to me, as well as get my associates degree in culinary. After that, I'm going to be attending the University of Maine (if I get in). For ALL OF THIS, I've been crunching numbers. But recently, I've had to restart, but I'm making good pace. I know how much I'll have to make in order to attend the two community colleges that I'm interested in, now I just have to find out how much things in Maine cost, like gas, milk, basic food, insurance, all of those nice things. Then I have to find out how much I need to make with working to be able to pay my way through college, buy my basic necessities, AND still get a decent income in order to actually have money to do stuff and not financially screw myself with paying for college. Ugh... Just typing all of this and reading it, knowing what I have to do, hurts. I know only one person will see this since she's my only friend on here, but I don't mind. (P.S. We're still gonna be college buddies :3 <3)

My Brain Hurts


30 July 2014 at 17:43:20 MDT

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