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Sorry! by Silverclaw

Sorry about that art dump! x__x
I forget to update here, then get embarrassed to update and put it off. Then it builds up even more...
Figured I should just do this all now, like pulling off a band-aid. XB

Will really try staying on top of stuff now. X0

And sorry for being quiet with things like comments and all! (haven't been coming here in a little while for one. Also I can be really shy x_x But I really really do appreciate any comments/favs/watches I get! <333
Last month of summer vacation now, which is sad. Time is going by way too fast ;_;
I was very busy/stressed this whole past semester. I'm hoping that maybe the upcoming fall semester will be a little less rough, but I'm not holding my breath. Worried about classes already! XD

Got some trades to finish, and one more commission(thats on hold for the next week). Will see how many more commissions I can do before school. Livestreams always seem like a good idea too. Also want to continue personal comic work, but we'll see how far I actually get with that XD



29 July 2014 at 14:17:43 MDT

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    Never be sorry for posting your art, it is always nice to see it filling my inbox! :3

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    It's ok. I know it's tough keeping up with everything, all the time on multiple sites. Like the other poster said, don't be sad or shy about updating. You have nothing to be sorry for when sharing your work!