Quick thing and art by OrionOnion

so, in some days, I'll start my two weeks vacation, in which I will try my best to do a storm of new art, fan art, pixel art, little animations, all kind of things.
which comes to two things I got in mind too doing this vacation:

first. this vacation will be the one to have the beginning of one of my comics, you'll get to know a litte better the three main girls of that comic since I will upload some info and images, the comic it will be known as Fruits school, or another name by now thats the name of it ( it may change before I upload it ), the comic will focus on Watermelon, Coconut and Grape, I cant wait to see how it goes with all of you, It sure sounds kind of normal in type of comics, but im sure it will be enjoyable.
I'm still working in other comics such as bleeper, where we see milkshake(Estela and Rosa, some chars that will be here in little time), Official lawsuit and the comic where Ratzo appears, which has no name.

second. I think of making a little requests, I will have 5 slots.
the thing is, you can ask me for you to draw for you, one character you like or your fursona/main character/ bla bla of yours, in one of my ways to do styles, that are, flat pixel http://oriononion.deviantart.com/art/easy-background-453976005 lineless or no, pixel with shadows - http://orionmilkshake.deviantart.com/art/Peachy-466882716 http://oriononion.deviantart.com/art/A-Link-Between-two-wonderful-Worlds-414728278, and the kind of "normal one" lets say, which can have black lines or the color you like - http://oriononion.deviantart.com/art/Orion-Matryoshka-464983784 .
you can ask for humans, monsters, furries, IDK titans, anime cartoons.
I'll make two of this things, this being the first one and the other one being at the end of my vacation, that will be in a day I will choose. let me know in the comments if you wanted something and what.
but remember just 5 slots, but if you didnt got the chance here you can still ask one in another of my galleries
1. borgri
2. zekehowly
3. Unpleasant-Neko
4. hunterbahamut

Quick thing and art


28 July 2014 at 16:05:16 MDT

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    have you ever tried drawing planes?

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      yup, not what I draw everyday, but I know I can!

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        heh, would you like to draw me as a real anthro plane? (imagine a plane, standing up with back wheels as legs, and wings like arms, like this) http://fav.me/d7k1rol

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          Oh sure I will. still, just two Q. in which style of the ones I said you would like it, and I could use some kind of reference or at least ideas of how you look to make it.

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    Okay! So could you please draw Zeke hugging Howly from behind? It's a tight hug, and it's squeezing the otter's belly in xD
    Pixel with no lines :)
    If you need the references, there are some pics on our profile here xD

    Thanks, Milky!

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    Can you draw my OC angel? ( has curly ears like a amercian curl)
    pixel with no lines pls
    reference sheet: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Angel-ref-468875218

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    Would it be possible for me to ask for a request slot?

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    im surprised no one took the last, lol

    can i take it?

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      let me first finish the other one for you xD or if you want to change what you asked first you can too.

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        k then, was if you wanted that slot to be filled, though i remembered this is just drawing characters and not taking requests