New hard drive! by GuzzleMuzzle

YES! No more failing hard drive and crippling processing time! But it's either just me, or Internet Explorer runs faster than Google Chrome. Several factors could contribute to this. I wonder if having thousands of bookmarks plays into it?

Today was a fun morning of helping both another player on PSN and myself earn the "Boned" trophy on Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, as well as making friends with that player through very involved message communication. He's a really swell guy. We both commplimented each other and lifted each other's spirits, as we all braved the hordes of Dracula... <333 The latter of this was mass soul farming with Soma. This is a year 2011 game, and I didn't give it nearly enough love way back then... *coughdissidiacough*

This afternoon was time spent more so around the family, as my dad ensured a very small BIOS configuration was in order after he stuck my new hard drive into my computer. I could have installed it myself, but he wanted to make sure that, uh...that the "BIOS setting" - SATA... - was "AHCI", to go along with the AHCI drivers of my Acer brand operating system (yes, I'm a bit aquainted with the suckyness that is Acer products. .-. ).

A new hard drive, of 1TB to the 750GB I used to have, and Toshiba instead of Samsung. Now with this stability, I'm hoping to have a very smooth gaming experience from here on out, but not before I create a backup image, preferably after all of my "Windows Updates" (I have a PC). Still, there's the poor cooling problems with my far too overheated heat syncs on my motherboard, and we don't have any thermal paste and..."swabs" (or pennies???) to cover over the syncs to improve performance, so until I can get that VITAL problem solved, slow processing speed will continue to haunt me due to overheating - that, and the near future of yet another hard drive failure with the hard drive I own now...


I'm just happy to have my machine in better condition. I still need thermal paste and swabs (or pennies?) for the heat syncs, but for now I can enjoy a reliable computer experience. At least there's still my not-so-worn-and-neglected cooling fan of only almost 5 months old.


Skyrim. <333

Sega Genesis roms. <33333


MS-DOS games..... ;) <3333333333

New hard drive!


27 July 2014 at 16:39:46 MDT

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    I hate IE its slow as balls for me. Chrome is what's up if you get the right extensions. I have Adguard Adblocker to take care of ads and popups (with art sites white listed of course) and then history eraser so I remember to delete my all my history, cookies, and temp files on a daily basis, keeps my chrome running pretty smooth. Grats on the new hard drive.