Upcoming Season 3 Deadlines and Events and a Draft Note by FHL

Hello to all Fans, Players and GMs,

As it is closing on the end of July here are some of the upcoming dates.

Last day to retire a player before Season 4: Thursday, July 31st

Last day for Teams to select players to retain for Season 4: Saturday, August 9th

Last day for Players to submit EXP Spending for the Season 3 Off-Season: Saturday, August 9th

Draft will be conducted: Weekend of August 16th

The commissioners will likely begin spending EXP on behalf of players if they or their GM have not submitted EXP Spending notes or have placed a request to retain their experience by a week before the deadline.

On the Draft, due to the current outlook of Rookie numbers, it has been decided that it is best for the FHL that we return to one draft for this season. At the current point, this draft will consist of 6 rounds, with the remaining players afterwards being sent to the draft day free agency, although a 7th round may be needed if we have a couple more rookies. Draft format is to be the same as last year, with Deadlines and the silent bid free agency round at the end. If anyone has any questions about the draft, simply note us and we will answer you as best we can. With that, I hope you all are enjoying your off season, and are ready to compete in the World Tournament and Season 4!

Upcoming Season 3 Deadlines and Events and a Draft Note


25 July 2014 at 21:01:56 MDT

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